Is Ibrahim Babangida Dead?

Did the former military president really die? Read this article and find out what really happened!


There’s something shocking happened to a famous former president of military in Nigeria. Is Ibrahim Babandiga dead? There is different news from the different sources. Let’s find out what is true and what was made up by the media.

He was believed to be dead but the latest news shows something else. The ex military president is alive and he claimed that all the news about his death was just rumours.

Media says that right now he is staying in Germany.

All the family members of Babandiga and the former president himself are shocked to hear that kind of news. They were really mad and rejected all the information about his death.

They thought it was really impolite and offensive to make that kind of rumours.

Some close relatives of Ibrahim Babandiga announced that he is in Germany now because of the health issues. He needed to go through the medical control to check if everything is all right.

The media claims that he is actually supposed to come back from Germany quite soon. Everyone is hoping that the treatment went very well and that Ibrahim Babandiga health is getting better.


According to the former president himself, he is not sure how and why these rumours got to journalists. He says that it’s absolutely not true. Everyone agrees with it.

His relatives, friends and colleagues say that they pray for him and want him to get better as soon as possible. Everybody is waiting for him to come back to Nigeria.

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Some sources state that Ibrahim Babandiga went to Germany because he had to do a serious surgery on his heart. So right now he is recovering and hopefully his health will improve too.

But a good thing is that there was no panic in the country. Everything went calm, without any conflicts even though everyone was aware of the situation.

Ibrahim Babandiga Biography

As we all know, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida is a former military Nigerian President. His ruling started in 1985 and lasted till 1993. He is a very important figure in history of our country.

He has also made a lot of the most important military decisions. However, some sources state that there were a lot of problems during his ruling. For example, the human rights got constantly violated.


The private life

He has a wife and four children. Their names are Muhammadu, Aminu, Aishatu, and Halimatu. Unfortunately, his wife died a few years ago because of cancer.

The presidential campaigns


That year Babangida said that he would participate in the presidential elections. During the interviews he promised to bring the equality to everyone in the country in all aspects.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the governmental methods of overcoming the problems.


In 2010 it became known that Ibrahim Babangida will run fit the post of the president again. He expected to become the head of the People's Democratic Party.

He made something special and unusual for the politics in Nigeria. He started his campaign himself. Moreover, he made the communication between people and him possible.


However, something horrible happened later. There was a bombing of Abuja during the Nigeria’s holiday. It occurred just while people were celebrating! Many people thought that it was Babangida’s fault.

Therefore, the opinion of the society about him changed a lot. Most of people didn’t want him to run for the post of the military president anymore. However, he denies any connection to this terrifying event.

He didn’t understand the reaction of people. He even got threatened.

Right now the former military president is 74. Therefore, he has a lot of health problems. However, everyone is hoping that he can get better soon.



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