Is Jonathan Goodluck judged for corruption?

What does ex-president Jonathan Goodluck say about being under investigation? Learn now.

It’s been little over one year since coming to power of the current Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari. This year has been marked by many public scandals and corruption trials. Is it time for the former president Jonathan Goodluck to be judged for corruption?

Is Jonathan Goodluck judged for corruption

Is Jonathan Goodluck under investigation?

Power gives more opportunity for good things and for bad ones as well. Corruption is a modern plague for Nigeria. Many of its noted politicians have been involved in scandals over money. Currently Bukola Saraki, the president of Nigerian Senate, is under the CCT trial for corruption.

Is Jonathan Goodluck judged

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Who is next? Well, the news came from London this time, where Jonathan Goodluck was interviewed by Bloomberg. He stated that presently he is under the investigation and the charges are not surprising – corruption.

President Buhari claimed many times that during Jonathan’s rule corruption in Nigeria prospered. Naturally, he started small but his goal was to hit large and go all the way up. Jonathan did not disclose much information on the investigation. He considers such things to be improper, as it would hinder the process.

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However, he denies the claims of Buhari on leaving an empty treasury. He believes Nigerian economy is in a much better state than the current government describes it. All such negative claims come from politicians, who wish to attain certain goals and overly politicize the matters.

Surely, this could be the start of another shocking trial and court case in Nigeria. We hope it would not lead to political and armed clash in the country.


It should be noted that not only is CORUPTION plague for Nigeria but also for many other countries . If the President is under sledstviem- I'm not surprised . So it should be . Everyone has to pay for what he did . Especially if it CORUPTION . I do not understand how you can profit from , while your people in unemployment , fast and does not know where to get the money. Nigerians are helping complete strangers who Immersed billions and own president steals from its own people . It must be punished .

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