Is Muhammadu Buhari going to stay for the second term and be reelected in 2019?

Will Buhari run for the elections 2019? Find out the breaking politial news from NIgeria now.

Buhari was chosen as the candidate of the president's elections. He'll fight for this post in the 2nd term. It became known on March 23. He will participate in elections in 2019.

 Muhammadu Buhari second term

The national assembly and executive committee have supported this idea. They consider that it will help them to settle problems in the state. According to them, other participants have to stay behind Buhari, as he is the most worthy candidate.

Caucus, which took place on March 23, solved all actual problems of the state. Initially it was created to settle crisis in the country.

Buhari stay for the second term

The committee has decided that the president needs to achieve re-election for the second term. Though, some participants objected. They said that now it is too early to begin election campaign.

Employees, who will support Buhari on elections, have been also chosen. They promised to unite and do everything possible that the president has won.

 Muhammadu Buhari going to stay

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To avoid possible internal conflicts in Nigeria, the president has ordered to reunite the western governor A. Umar and his senator. In his opinion, first of all it is necessary to settle personal disputes.

People should watch further news to make a right choice in elections.

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