Is Nigeria A Developing Country? – 7 top signs for Nigeria

This is not just a question. The answer manifests itself in the daily life of Nigerian people. It affects them in all areas of existance. Find out the prospective for Nigeria and its future.

The world’s countries are known to be either developed or developing. We propose you to try to analyze and find out, is Nigeria a developing country or not.

is Nigeria s developing country

Signs of a developing country

Developing countries are the most extensive group of existing in the global classification. It includes 77% of all countries on our planet. Characteristics of developing countries are the following:

developed and developing countries

  1. Former colonial apparatus.
  2. Saving of the pre-industrial foundations, coupled with modern postindustrial ones.
  3. Social and economic processes are multistructural – there is unwillingness to retreat from such process as Agriculture economy, etc.
  4. The relative underdevelopment and backwardness of countries, provoking aspiration to the later development.
  5. The heavy reliance on those countries that stand at one or several steps higher, more actively developing or who is already among the list of developed countries.
  6. Other structuring of society (the division into classes, etc.).
  7. The cult of relations inside of family, tribe, clan etc.

Is Nigeria a developing country? - Its position in the worldis Nigeria a developing country 2

Currently, Nigeria is part of the so-called "Group of 11". This conglomerate includes eleven countries.  

Nigeria is one of them, which as projected in the future will step to the international arena as one of the most promising states. 

This term came out about ten years ago and became a symbol of that, with high probability, this countries will transform its economic assets in the part of the international exchange fund.

Nigeria is also among the ten leading countries in the field of development and as the influence area of the Muslim religion in the world.

Directly responding to the question isNigeria developing, we have to answer that Nigeria officially included in the list of developing countries. Nigeria is different because of having:

  • low income of economy on a national scale,
  • poorly developed market relations,
  • authoritarian foundations, that interfere the general list of symptoms of progressively developing countries,
  • low tendency to enhance the quality of education and the educational system in a whole,
  • OPEC organization membership, as one of the areas of development and mass export is oil production.

Positive and negative perspectives

Nigeria is a country on which people put their hopes and, at the same time, it must possess quite a lot of time to justify those hopes.

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future of nigeria

The country has developed agriculture, which can be attributed both to the pluses (because natural economy at the moment went into priorities list even among European countries), as well as to the minuses (as being too traditional and manual, without the use of proper techniques and technologies, it remains a relic past).

Nigeria is a Muslim country, which imposes certain imprint and complicates the major interactions (trade and monetary relations among them) with countries of other religious backgrounds. In addition, the actual problem of terrorism also negatively affects the development.

However, Nigeria has sufficient quantity of universities. Many institutions are aimed at learning the art – sculpture, painting, design, etc. The cultural development of the country is not in place, despite the fact that there is still a large attention is paid to the preservation of tradition. 

Perhaps, Nigeria will be able not to lose its identity, in contrast with progressively developing countries that throw away a part of own history of the "superfluous", and then having regrets about it.

future of nigeria 2Country has its own currency, the official language here is English (which is a huge international plus), supported by a multi-party political system of the country. 

On the other hand, it is projected that Muslim foundations may adversely affect the further enhancement of the country and to transform the form of government in an absolute monarchy.

Another important point: mortality and fertility, which is reduced to a specific structure. At the moment in spite of the relatively small life expectancy, contrast to European, Nigeria having a steady increase in population. Unlike the countries with a large number of migrants, which affect various epidemics, they are subject of the local population in Nigeria. The most common and serious disease is still malaria.

You can clearly answer the question, is Nigeria a developing country. But experts do not have a definite opinion about the progress of Nigeria mainly due to the recent events connected with Boko Haram. Most of the favorable forecasts clearly delayed the "bright future" of promising Nigeria. So, how powerful is this country?



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Answered 5 months ago.

I have concluded from lectures I have taken on the course Communication for Development, Nigeria is currently experiencing under development, a retrogressive, regressive, negative development exemplified in her citizen engaging in destructive cultural, economic, social activities. According to my class, Lewis' indices of underdevelopment, what is responsible for some countries been developed and others been undeveloped are

1. Unutilised valuable natural resources;

2. (Relatively) Unfavourable institutions for investments;

3. Backward technology;

4. Low capital resources per head;

5. Low output per head.

Thank you.

Mabel Abimbola Benson

Mass Communication

Caleb University, Lagos

Answered 1 year ago.
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