Is Nigeria A NATO Member?

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Nigeria is a developing country. Like any other, which is pointed at sustainable growth and development, it pays attention both to the internal and foreign policies. However, the fact is that by entering the international arena, it is necessary, one way or another, to choose the main allies. Let us consider the unions, a part of which this state is and find out, is Nigeria a NATO member or not.

is Nigeria in NATO

International Alliance

The NATO organization has several types of partnerships with other countries in EU.

  • allies of the organization,
  • partners of one,
  • potential incomers of the Alliance,
  • possessing an individual plan of partnership,
  • included in the program named "partnership for peace".

what is natoThe structure of NATO currently includes 28 countries, mainly European ones. Nigeria is currently not among them. According to analysts, we could enter NATO commonwealth because of its oil industry, based on either an individual plan or program of "peaceful" relations, if the request will be raised. The attempt to partner with the United States and Russia at the same time, are somewhat in contradictory to the prospect of NATO membership.

Portrait of public organization in Nigeria 

Despite the fact that the state is not part of NATO, it is a member of the UN for many years. The country joined the mentioned society back in 1960 and since then has strongly established among the list of countries-participants.

In addition to international organizations, we are partakers of several regional alliances, such as:

  1. Organization of the study and monitoring of the Niger basin and the Chad Lake.
  2. African Commission on the economy.

Moreover, since it is an oil exporter, it is a part of OPEC. We are also a participator of two specialized groups: Group 11 and Group 77, as one of the most promising among developing countries. The African Trade Union and the World Trade Organization also included us as the participant.

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Bilateral relations

We also develop bilateral cooperation with lots of the countries. Among the closest associates of the state are:

is Nigeria a Nato member 2

  • Pakistan, with which friendly relations maintained for many years.
    According to the leaders of both countries, relationship is on the "family" level,
  • Greece and USA,
  • Russia and Chad.

You can clearly answer the question is nigeria a member of NATO that it is not being a part of this block yet. However, we are a participant of several other international organizations. And due to the prospects and expectations, which are assigned to a state, it is not surprising if after a while it will enter the NATO Alliance as well.

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