Is NLC going on strike?

What are the reasons of the latest strike of NLC? What are their requirements about public schools in Oyo state? Read the article to learn the latest news about socio-political scandal in Nigeria.

Is NLC going on strike

Is NLC going on strike?

NLC and head of the state of Oyo on Monday have ordered that workers in state have begun a strike on Tuesday. NLC headed by national vice-chairman of the union has given directive after the congress kept in labor secretariat in Ibadan. It has occurred right after when seven working leaders have been detained and released from prison on Friday. Their requirements include immediate refusal of all charges about participants, release of imprisoned working leaders. Also the government has to cancel intentions about sale of public schools in the state. In addition, requirements of striking include need of financing of educational sector: payment of living wage and other stimulating programs for employees of educational institutions and workers. Also unpaid pensions and salaries have to be immediately received by population.

Is NLC going on strike

The national Secretariat of NLC has quickly notified general public that the government of Oyo go out on Monday June 6th to mobilize hundreds of armed bandits to world court with directive allegedly to attack innocent and law-abiding workers. The latter will be in the same world court this morning to guarantee corresponding perfection of conditions of the pledge, accepted to release of working leaders, who have been imprisoned.

This is deliberate attempt to frighten off workers from court to violate conditions of pledge and to continue getting of leaders in prison. Students who stormed premises of court in protest against attempt to sell out their schools to capitalist speculators in the state have been also attacked with tear gas by members of Nigerian Police.

Is NLC going on strike 1

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Is NLC on strike?

NLC has condemned this coward and uncivilized approach of senator, at the same time remaining sure: 'Sum of prosecution and intimidation are not capable to hold us in fight. We will continue to oppose a selling of public schools. Therefore, we appeal to general public not to be given up. The state of Oyo can't exist without control as a result of government's uncivilized method of mobilization of bandits and using of group of troops to make protesters silent' – the head of NLC has declared.

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He said that fight continues and their actions are directed to support of Education International, which wants that schooling was social responsibility of the government. He has also warned possible buyers of schools not to spend their money for nothing, having appealed to participate in fight against sale of schools in the state.

The trade-union head has convinced the workers of the state to wait until requirements of the union are met.

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