Is Nnamdi Kanu the president of Biafra?

The news on Nnamdi Kanu being the president of Biafra. Is he? Find out now.

Nnamdi Kanu has created much buzz in Nigeria. His statements and court case on radio Biafra have evoked disputes and even manifestations. The situation with Biafra is critical and it can lead to more trouble, but is the man the president of Biafra?

Who is Nnamdi Kanu?

In the prison of Kuje, where he is now, people consider him to be the president of Biafra. His personality and story have gained much popularity. Many believe he has made thousands of people to join IPOB and start the fight for Biafra.

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 Nnamdi Kanu the president

However, the man seems to be too arrogant to win the hearts of Biafrans and be their main leader. These words were spoken by Charles Okah. This man is also an inmate of that prison. Here is what he reveals about Kanu. He says that others have to call him “His Excellency, President of Biafra.”

Such rumors and behavior of Nnamdi Kanu leads to the further split among Biafrans. Humility comes before honor and that’s what the leader is lacking. So, for now Kanu is not the president of Biafra and may never become one.


Biafra till death..indeed he is our president@nnamdi kanu #proudly biafran

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