Is politics really a dirty game?

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At first glance the way it is, politics really is not always done with clean hands, but hands that make policy can be different.

For example, consider such famous historical figures as Napoleon and Talleyrand. Napoleon was a great military leader, an exceptionally talented man. For the benefit of France, he was working as Papa Carlo, on the basis of multi-year plans built industry and trade, has done extensive legal work, creating a set of laws. Until recently advocated economic independence of France from England.

Talleyrand, too gifted man – was entirely immoral type, thinking only about the satisfaction of their power and the money and other ambitions, in spite of huge profits all the time an indebted spying on several countries. Effectively ruled the country when the Bourbons returned. Incredible bred corruption and helped the British conquer the French market.

Is there any difference between these politicians? After all, in both the political biographies of many bad deeds. And yet the difference between them is enormous. The same applies to other politicians who are simply less vivid personality than these two.

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