Is president Muhammadu Buhari seriousely ill?

Is President Buhari seriousely ill and the disease endangers his life? Learn what the PDP and APC have to say.

President of Nigeria has been elected for over a year. During all this time the rumors of his poor health buzzed in media and online. Is Muhammadu Buhari really ill?

is buhari ill

PDP news in President Buhari health

Peaples Democratic Party finally speaks up on Buhari's condition of health. The president is not young and he is aging. Party people took to Twitter to share the news. 

They did announce that the president got sick. Such a tweet evoked vivid discussion among the readers. Some write that the sickness is terminal, others state he would recover soon.

Such reaction was evoke by this PDP tweet: 

pdp on buhari health

Earlier the president was not able to visit Lagos because he got an ear injury. Any information on his health seem to evoke much interest from the public, as many believe Buhari is the one able to unite Nigeria and his illness or death would cause huge disaster. 

Presently All Progressive Congress did not make any statement of his health nor they commented the social media buzz about it. In the past some of NIgerian leaders died or resigned because of health issues. So, this matter is really important for the country and its stability. Especially now, when several corruptoin trials and the war against Boko Haram are taking place. We wish the president to be in good health and live long. 

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