Is Queen Elizabeth II dead?

Is the news about the death of Queen Elizabeth II true or is it just an attempt to fuss around a member of the royal family? Find out from the article.

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Her family was shocked, the whole country is shaken with grief. The news about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch of the Great Britain, became a real surprise for everyone. She never complained about feeling sick until the last few weeks.

Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated her ninetieth Birthday not so long ago; therefore, looking happy and sound she had no complaints about her health. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago she caught a cold, and it developed into an infection in her chest. This sickness made her fragile, so she left all the royal duties and stayed in bed under a close under a care of her doctors.

The only thing that bothered her was a cough that would not leave. The condition of the Queen Elizabeth’s health has worsened dramatically this morning as the family called for the doctors. The latter could only state that she died peacefully in her bed at Royal Lodge.

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The news is on the front pages of all the national newspapers. This news as well as the public condolence for her survivors in their grief is what all the channels are supposedly broadcasting now. The Guardian mentioned that this information is precise as it was provided by one of the palace eyewitnesses.

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Now the talks are all around the next person to become a Queen of the Great Britain. Though many individuals say that they believe Prince William will become a King and his wife a Queen, these people might be forgetting that Prince Charles is the more likely person to be a coronate.

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However, as Prince William stated earlier, he does not feel like being the King, as he wants to focus more on his own family, append enough time and attention to his wife and his child as well as probably even increase the number of members of his royal family. This idea sounds healthy to most people, but Britons do not share this desire of Prince William.

They claim he is avoiding the responsibility for the whole nation. More updates are yet to come after the family gets some time to grieve and come to their sense after such a loss. Queen Elizabeth II was not only the longest-reigning monarch of the Great Britain but also a dearly loved one. She was a personality to look up to, so now a whole nation is grieving. This information was provided not from the first source, so we are taking a second opinion here.

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