Is Senate protecting Bukola Saraki during the trial?

Is Bukola Saraki, the Senate president supported by his colleagues and Senate in general? Find out now.

This year Nigeria had many conflicts and trials, including some on corruption. Probably Bukola Saraki one is the biggest of them, as the man is the president of Nigerian Senate. Is he getting extra protection during the CCT trial?

Bukola Saraki the trial

Is Bukola Saraki under Senate protection during his corruption trial?

The whole situation evoked a huge buzz in media and on social sites. People and politicians share their opinions. One of the demands in Senate is that all those under trial should leave their positions. Back in the past Senate filed a request to stop the CCT trial against its president. However, these days it seems like the decision was radically changed.

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Is Senate protecting Bukola Saraki

The main reason for that is unwillingness of Senate to compromise justice of the court or affect it in some way. 8th Senate is a special one and it has people from all kinds of backgrounds with different opinions and purposes.

Still they desire to be responsible and thus waits for what the court has to say on the CCT Trail against their president Bukola Saraki. Such an opinion is revealed by Senator Samuel Anyanwu. People wonder what has taken so long for the Senate to clearly state its position and make bills. Senator says they had too much on their hands since the beginning of the year. Let us wait and see how the situation resolves.

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