Joseph Adeduro Adeusi: is he dead?

Another sad loss in Nigerian politics. Ex Akwa Ibom governor captain Joseph Adeusi is dead.

Another sad loss for Nigeria – captain Joseph Adeusi has passed away. The news came on Saturday (16th of April, 2016). The ex-governor of Akwa Ibom state passed away being 76 years of age. Government house of Nigeria honored his memory by the minute of silence.

Joseph Adeduro Adeusi

Joseph Adeduro Adeusi (Rtd) biography

He was born in 1940. Later on he joined the Navy and become Navy captain. In fact this title was added to his name to the very death. Back in 1996 the late Joseph Adeduro Adeusi has become the governor of Akwa Ibom State. And he held the position till 1998.

Joseph Adeduro Adeusi (Rtd) biography

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The was the military governor of the state. One of the achievements of this man was the founding of Akwa United Football Club during his rule. During his term he had to deal with massive demonstrations and protests over the oil spills. He managed to withstand over 9 hours of negotiations and avoid shedding of blood. However, later on some of the participants were arrested.

Joseph Adeduro Adeusi

Over the last years the man was often times seen at various celebrations and government events. R.I.P. Navy captain Jeseph Adeusi. 


Losing good people is always a sad and bad, because now there are very few people become very scary when someone leaves, especially if the person is a very good and talented. For such people the whole country is sad, but do not be so discouraged. After all, there are many young people as a great talent and potential. But life still is not eternal, And still we are when we die. Of course the loss of a very large especially for Nigeria, because he was a very good politician, talented, and did everything for his country, and for its citizens.

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