Malia Obama caught partying and smoking: What's social media reaction?

Is Malia Obama smoking weed? Shocking video with American president’s daughter exploded the web! What was the reaction of world media? Check it out here right now!

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Recently Malia Obama, the daughter of American president, was caught smoking ‘something’, which reminded weed. It was captured.

World social media gets a high benefit from her antics of a teenager. In most cases, they are praising her for having pleasure before she starts studying at Harvard next year.

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Chris Rock has made a popular joke nowadays, he said that she was not careful, she got a chance to end up winning about 21 gold Olympic medals or she might become a president of the United States of America. The comedian wrote his hilarious idea on Twitter. 

malia obama smoking

Malia had just come out of the White House with no scandals and here you are! 18-year-old daughter of the president (Malia Obama age) slipped out with a pair of cut-off denim shorts on, she went to a rock concert and smoked something ‘interesting’. The girl was spotted in Chicago at Lollapalooza this weekend—and then it became the big ‘news’ for the whole world. The video of her having a good time with friends and dancing is very popular in web now.

On Wednesday, a video of a girl smoking something appeared on web. The stars news site that released this video, was RadarOnline, claimed that some eyewitnesses said that Malia smoked a joint, but what exactly she was smoking is not confirmed.

barack obama family

Other media, Malia Obama Instagram, Malia Obama Twitter and their visitors jump on the story, and people rush commenting on this incident. Some criticized her, classifying her behavior as very scandalous. Most says US first daughter behaves like a teenager and it should not be news at all.

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