Mama Lucy Kibaki: is she really dead?

Is mama Lucy Kibaki really dead? Learn the details of this sorrowful event.

In 2016 Nigeria had to say goodbye to many of its prominent sons and daughters. Now it is the turn of Kenya as its ex first lady passed away on April 26, 2016.

lucy kibaki death

She was a part of Kibaki family and her husband Mwai Kibaki was the former Kenya president, who held this position for over 10 years. He was in power from  2002 to 2013. Lucy Kibaki was born in 1940. She got married to the ex-president of Kenya in 1962 and together they had 4 kids.

She was well-known for being the head of Keynya Girl Guides Association, so her title “mama” was really earned by the kind woman.

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Where and when did mama Lucy Kibaki died?

mama lucy kibaki

She passed away in London. For a while she has been struggling with a disease and got the treatment in Kenya. The lady was 76 years of age. She died at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in the UK capital city.

Current Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta broke the news to the public and expressed his sorrow over the event. R.I.P. mama Lucy Kibaki. 

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