Militants in bandanas invade Elepete, Kajola and Igbo community

What happened in Elepete, Kajola and Igbo communities where militants invaded the area? The news went viral, as the specialists are looking for clues. Let’s look into details here!

Elepete, Kajola and Igbo community

The television broadcast is now packed with all kind of reports on the tragedy that took place in certain areas of Lagos and Ogun states. As the reports say, a large group of militants invaded the area and opened fire.

Their appearance was not expected; these masked militants came through the waterways and started violence right on the streets. As eyewitnesses claim there were at least one hundred masked militants, and they were all heavily armed with sophisticated weapons.

As soon as the public realized what was happening, people started running away in all directions. Some militants got to the stores and the market, so the owners quickly closed everything and fled to the safety. Though safety was hard to find, as even some houses were attacked severely in Elepete and Kajola. Militants got into the houses or opened fire at them from the outside.

Elepete, Kajola and Igbo community attack

Lagos and Ogun have united their strengths to stop this violence and shooting. Schools were kept shut , as police and other military workers were heading to stop the militants from killing. Some sources say that several people were shot. Militants kept shooting at people when those were trying to run away and hide.

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The areas where this incident took place are now absolutely empty with only militants and police officers working on the site. As the authorities mentioned, they have increased the number of officers working there. Moreover, certain sources claim that Armoured Personnel Carriers were sent to the locale of crime to increase the security at the invaded spot.

Elepete, Kajola and Igbo community militants

As eyewitnesses claimed, militants killed a few people and raped women that did not have enough time to hide or escape. They started a real orgy of violence and kept doing this for hours while authorities were looking for ways to stop them.

Other eyewitnesses state that despite the information that the police were deployed in the invaded area, the officers went back to the place they came from. As they explained later to the journalists, they did not find any militants or anything else that would look like an act of violence or breaking the law.

However, militants said that they aim to release members of their organization who were killed by the police last week in one of the guest houses in Elepete. The situation they refer to is quite controversial. The militants entered the guest house; the owner of it informed the police about it immediately, so the policemen came right away. They demanded the militants to leave the hotel; however, they refused to.

Elepete, Kajola and Igbo community arrest

Militants were about to open fire at the police when the latter took the initiative here. Policemen killed two of them; after this the bodies of the killed criminals were taken away by the police. The rest of the group was taken into custody.

As a revenge, the organization members held a number of attacks at the Elepete village. They attacked houses and civilians and murdered at least fifteen people leaving even more wounded. Their attack on Elepete, Kajola and Igbo communities was another provocation. They still demand the bodies of their fellow members to be released. If this command is not fulfilled, they are going to keep attacking other villages in the neighborhood.

The authorities of the mentioned communities call for the government ot take serious measures, as people are terrified. As one of the leaders claimed, the governments should intervene and start a serious investigation instead of just ignoring the situation. Nigerians from these areas want their peace back.

Elepete, Kajola and Igbo community militant

For that, the officials should learn the details about the incident in the hotel and find these militants as soon as possible before any other attacks were held. Until the criminals are found the arrested members of their organization should be properly questioned and made to help the investigation.

Meanwhile, the police report that they entered the area on Monday morning and made sure no militants are left there. The place was declared safe. However, people are still afraid of coming out of their hidings.

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