New Niger Delta Avenger's attack: Oil pipelines in Rivers state are destroyed

When did the latest attack on oil pipeline in Bera take place? What are the new requirements of Niger Delta Avengers? Read the article to learn more.

Niger delta Avengers news

Niger delta Avengers news

Niger Delta Avengers group (NDA) has organized new attack on oil pipelines in Bera, area of local authority Gokana. New oil pipeline explosion has happened within the first hours after midnight on Thursday, August 4. Now Niger delta avengers demands federal government to stop any actions that prevent their activity. 

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There is the following message on Niger delta Avengers website: ‘We are responsible for blowing up of oil pipelines in Bera, areas of local authority Gokana. Earlier we have blown up pipelines in Gio-Tai L.G.A and B-Dere in Gokana L.G.A and have made the warning to the oil companies and urged to free our territory and to suspend everything oil prospecting in the region, but our requirements aren't observed yet’ – the group has reported. ‘We aren't frightened by Buhari. FG still conducts policy of prevention of attacks while people continue to suffer from ecological degradation every day. We will continue our actions until welfare and difficult situation of our people won't change. This time we will expand the actions and we will also take measures in other parts of the country.’

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