Niger Delta Avengers announce cessation of fire and their will to negotiate

Will Niger Delta Avengers really cease their fire and willing to negotiate? What do their leaders say about it? Read the full article to learn.

niger delta avengers

South-South Region’s will no more suffer from militants of Niger Delta Avengers, who reached the agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria to lay arms down and to start negotiating yesterday, August 21, 2016.


The Nigerian land was suffering from numerous kills of this terrorist group. The victims were from the local population and the hugest losses were in the gas and oil pipelines. Basically, they were gradually destroying the hydrocarbons infrastructure of the country over the last years, which impacted tremendously negatively on the extraction of oil and gas and leaving of several external companies interested previously in the tight cooperation with Nigeria, enriching its treasury.


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Today’s news are the following: as the website of this terroristic formation informed, the members of Niger Delta Avengers will preserve the fire cease and no hostility until the negotiations are over with satisfying result. In their statement, Avengers also said that they would hold the negotiations with official representatives from the Federal Government, international bodies, financial and extraction companies, as well as with various kinds of their mediators to reach the final settlement in their demands.


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