Niger Delta Avengers announce cessation of fire

Niger Delta Avengers latest news. They have decided to STOP attacks! Do you know why? What claims do they make to the government and the president? Check out the latest information here!

Niger Delta Avengers attack

Last night, on the 29th day of August The Niger Delta Avengers group claimed that they have finally desided to cease fire.

Niger Delta Avengers news is fine at last! The Niger Delta Avengers militants posted the news in a letter, which appeared on their website by their spokesman, whose name is Mudoch Agbinibo. It was addressed to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. There were also claims about the need for having a smart regular dialogue to let the Nigerian nation to survive.

Niger Delta Avengers explosion

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Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman welcomed this cessation of hostilities on the part of the Avengers as very good development, which the country and especially the people of the Niger River Delta need. He said that all that the peace is always good, adding that we hope that it cuts across the boarders and it is sincere.

Niger Delta Avengers and Buhari

The Niger Delta Avengers argued that the Federal authorities fulfilled pre-defined genocide against the people of the Niger Delta due the recently launched business. The Operation Crocodile Smile that the military high commanders explained only as the trainings created to prepare Amphibious Division for good mastery in the Niger Delta region.

The alliance also noted that the Nigerian system should have worked better if the federal authorities learned from advanced democracies to let internal conflicts and protests aimed at the good of the nation, appear. Almost all Niger Delta Avengers demands did not come true, but the alliance still think that everything must be stopped.

Niger Delta Avengers militants

They said that they called on Muhammadu Buhari to remove a puppet appeal to the imperialists, whenever he makes claims outside Nigeria. They listened carefully and decided to stop the fights in the Niger Delta. Niger Delta Avengers told they expected that a positive and genuine attitude towards total restructuring and self-determination for each component of the Nigerian identity.  They say that our country is not a one-guy personal property. Everyone must remember this talking about the union, if our Nigeria wants continue to work as one organism. All the people from the Niger Delta region have been living there since the ancient times, so they have a sacred secret way to survive in this location and save their true amphibious.

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