Niger Delta Avengers attack NNPC pipeline in Akwa-Ibom State

Niger Delta Avengers attack NNPC pipeline in Akwa-Ibom State. What is the reason? What was the reaction of authorities? You’ll find out all the latest news here right now!

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Under the concise statement of its representative, Mudoch Agbinibo, the group claimed that the NNPC pipeline was blown up at Nsit-Ibom.

On Sunday night dangerous Niger Delta Avengers (or NDA) blew up another gas pipeline, which is operated by the NNPC or Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, apparently in response to its being labeled by the Federal authorities as a group of criminals.

Niger Delta Avengers attack

Niger Delta Avengers

Niger Delta Avengers group has proved responsibility for a several bombings in the area of the Niger Delta, particularly in Delta State in Gbaramatu Kingdom, he said that the attack was carried out at 11.30p.m on Sunday on Monday.

Niger Delta Avengers news

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According to a brief statement of Mudoch Agbinibo, its representative, the Niger Delta militants claimed that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation pipeline was exploded on Nsit-Ibom.

In a statement with a title ‘Hit the NNPC pipeline in Nsit-Ibom’, the dangerous militant group said: ‘On Sunday at 11:30 pm, the NDA exploded NNPC, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation gas pipeline at Nsit-Ibom LGA, Akwa Ibom. If its ‘system anomaly’ NNPC has to check their pipeline.

Some further source’s checks in security circles, however, made clear that a couple of factors were responsible for the attack on the object members of the Delta Niger River Avengers.

A senior security source said that the attack may be a response to the position of President Muhammadu Buhari not to have a dialogue with criminals, but the real fighters in search of renewed crisis solutions in the area.

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He also noted that another factor was a few arrests of the Niger Delta Avengers members, which is slowly but very gradually tilting towards capturing the brain of the group.

‘You may notice that we have gained success in the arrests of some of its ‘officers’ that helped us in capturing more of their so-called investigators or operatives, so we do not expect their heads to lay down their weapons. It may also be responsible for the bombing of Akwa Ibom at night on Sunday’, he said.

The source has learnt that the security was already created in Cross River States and Akwa Ibom since the last attack occurred in Akwa Ibom, ExxonMobil, by this dangerous militant group.

Although these two different states have not been under the JTF or Joint Task Force activities operating under the code name Operation Delta Safe, the sources of security said that the military forces in the area have been designed in the mandate of the special safety equipment after the invasion of militants in the area.

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Joint Media-JTF coordinator, Lt-Colonel Laolu Mercellius, could not be reached for any confirmation, as his cell phone was off, but the assistant said that he was present at some meeting.

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