Niger Delta Avengers: NNPC pipeline in Akwa Ibom state is bombed

When and where did the latest attack of Niger Delta Avengers take place? Are there any victims of this bombing on NNPC? Read the article to learn the latest news about attack on Tuesday.

Niger Delta Avengers

Niger Delta Avengers news

Niger Delta Avengers group gained fame thanks to attacks on oil objects of Nigeria, have urged other groups of the country not to make attacks to militaries and not to kidnap people – reports Reuters agency with reference to the statement of the group.

At the beginning of May, it has been reported about attack of fighters of group on oil platform of Chevron Company in Nigeria. Fighters threatened further with sabotage of repair work and new explosions on other oil wells of the company. Despite of the strengthened military control after several incidents, fighters in the middle of May have blown up one more object of the company — the oil pipeline. Fighters of group have emphasized that during its attacks nobody has suffered, and the organization wages war against oil objects.

Niger Delta Avengers news

At the same time unknown fighters have attacked the vessel of Nigerian state oil company NNPC, therefore six people have died. Responsibility for attack wasn't taken by any of groups operating in the region. 'The management calls all groups in states not to commit acts of kidnapping and assault on military' — the agency quotes the statement of group. Now in the delta of Niger exists the conflict, which begun in the 1990th years between government troops of Nigeria and mercenaries of the oil companies on the one hand and ethnic groups with another. It continues and develops. Groups attack oil objects, take hostages and commit other crimes. Their members consider that oil companies, including transnational, infringe upon interests of local population since on the shelf of Nigeria large-scale oil fields have been found.

Niger Delta Avengers attack

The latest Niger Delta Avengers attack took part on June 16. The group of insurgents of NDA has declared that it has blown up the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation pipeline in the field of Local authority of Oruk Anam. The group through its account in Twitter has declared on Thursday morning: 'at 4:00 NDA blow up the NNPC Pipeline in the field of Local authority of Oruk Anam in Akwa Ibom'.

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Niger Delta Avengers attack 1

After scornful manner with the invitation to negotiations with Nigerian government, the group of insurgents of NDA on Monday has made the list of requirements. In it, they have declared many conditions, which in their opinion Nigerian government has to satisfy before the group takes part in any form of dialogue. The group wants that native lands of the international oil companies working in the delta of Niger have been involved in peace process with independent foreign intermediaries. They also say that sincerity of Nigerian government is a major factor, which will define usefulness of further actions. The group has also asked the government that the oil companies not to perform any repair works and to suspend purchase of crude oil from area of delta of Niger. They urge to wait for the correct atmosphere, which will help to carry on sincere dialogue.

The volume of oil production of Nigeria has strongly fallen because of series of attacks on oil pipelines in the southern delta of Niger, thereby having deprived the country of the most part of oil and gas wealth for the last several months.


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