Niger Delta Avengers: timeline and consequences of attacks

What are the consequences of Niger Delta Avengers attacks? What is their influence of the percent of oil sale and production? Read the article to learn all these facts.

Niger Delta Avengers

The radical group Niger Delta Avengers repeatedly arranged attacks and acts of sabotage against the western oil companies. Many times fighters have threatened that all oil companies have to leave the delta by the end of forthcoming months. Let's remember their largest recent attacks.

Niger delta Avengers Eni

On the 10th of June the group known as Niger Delta Avengers, has taken the responsibility for attack on the pipeline of crude oil in the Nigerian state of Bayels, which belongs to Italian company Eni. According to the message of group on Twitter, attack to the pipeline happened at 3 o'clock in the morning local time. This attack is one of several occurred in recent weeks. A target of fighters is the oil branch of Nigeria from which, in their opinion, the government steals resources near the delta of river Niger. Such attacks influence on deliveries of raw materials and consequently on increase in prices. During a large part of the week, the cost of oil has grown to 50 dollars for barrel. The group declares that it hopes to reduce deliveries from the country to zero.

 Niger delta Avengers Eni

As Politeka reported, on May 5 the representative of navy of Nigeria Chris Ezokobi has declared about attack of fighters on platform of Chevron Company in the area of delta of Niger rich with oil in Nigeria. Responsibility for attack was undertaken by Niger delta militants, who told that they have blown up a platform. We will remind that Nigeria daily loses 400 thousand barrels of oil because of activity of pirates in the Gulf of Guinea. The general damage from piracy, theft and fraud to the largest exporter of oil in Africa is estimated approximately at 1.5 billion dollars a month.

According to the report of non-profit organization Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), Gulf of Guinea is the most dangerous region for seamen today. Pirates arrive from delta of the river Niger in part of Nigeria rich with oil. Not very long ago, fighters fought for control over the earth and resources and earned on oil. However, with sharp falling of prices of black gold in the middle of 2014, it became more favorable to take hostages for them.

Niger Delta Avengers

Niger delta Avengers Chevron

On the 2th of June representatives of Niger Delta Avengers group have declared blasting of two oil wells of the American oil-extracting company Chevron in delta of river Niger. In series of tweets on Wednesday the militarized group has taken the responsibility for carried-out acts of terrorism after which near waterways and boggy sites near wells oil spill was noticed. The exact volume of spilled oil is still unknown. Considerable part of inhabitants of the delta of river Niger was forced to leave the region. Act of terrorism happened several days later after approach of term, which fighters of the organization have given to the oil companies that they have left the delta of Niger.

Niger delta militants

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NDA has planned attacks on sea oil-extracting platforms of the Chevron Company in the middle of May earlier and on underwater Forcados oil pipeline, which was used by the Shell Company before withdrawal from the region. This year oil production in Nigeria has dropped by 46% to 1.1 million barrels a day in comparison with 2.03 million barrels in January. Falling is so considerable that Angola is producer number one in Africa now because its production remains at the former levels: in April, it made 1.8 million barrels a day. It is interesting that president of Nigeria Mohammad Buhari on that Thursday has cancelled at the last moment his planned visit to the region of delta of the river Niger.

Niger delta Avengers Chevron

Niger delta militants – key problem

The key problem is that even if the authorities want to cope with fighters today, there is simply no money, considering that prices of oil are still much lower than maximum, and the state resources are redirected on fight against terrorist group Boko Haram. Considering that interruptions in extraction of Nigerian oil are partly the result of deep structural problems, analysts believe that they will proceed in the future.

'I think we should look at what happened in the past and to try to understand whether they could close potentially production. Any company won't begin to continue its work if people with weapons in arms appear on the horizon. It is necessary just to wait. You don't risk your personnel or job. I think it is worth to keep security measures. We continue to fight' – the head of commodity strategy on RBC Capital Markets Helima Croft has reported.


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