Nigeria’s candidate is a new secretary general of OPEC

There is a new candidate for the secretary general post in Nigeria! Find out who it is and why he is considered to be the best for this position!


The latest OPEC news is pretty intriguing. The representatives state that Mohammed Barkindo from Nigeria will become the new secretary general of OPEC.

That’s what all the media and journalists claim now. Let’s find out who he is and why he has so many chances to get this position.

Barkindo worked more than twenty years for the Nigerian National Petroleum. He was basically the head of the company and its manager too.

Moreover, he also used to work for OPEC before. However, few years later in 2009 Mohammed Barkindo lost his post because of the decision of the former president Goodluck Jonathan.

So right now the former representative of Nigerian National Petroleum is taking over Libyan Abdalla, who had been the head of OPEC for almost 9 years.

It wasn’t that easy to choose the right person. What is more, there was more than one candidate for this position. For example, Ali Rodriguez Araque and Indonesian Mahendra Siregar also had big chances to get this post.

They also were the secretary generals before in early 2000s.


Saudi Arabian Energy Minister Khaled al-Falih expresses his happiness and satisfaction with the new person for the post.

He emphasises that Barkindo is a real professional and therefore, working with him would be only a pleasure. He is sure that they found the right person for it.

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OPEC meeting

According to some sources, Mohammed Barkindo had a meeting in Vienna sometime last week.  The government representatives from Algeria, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia also attended this event.

The goal was to get some support from them as he was running for the post. The conversation was not public so there’s not enough information on this topic.

Mahendra Siregar, the Indonesian candidate, didn’t appear in this meeting. That’s why we don’t know what happened to him and what his opinion could have been.


The media confirmed that one of the OPEC members, Angola, expressed his respect and willingness to work together with Mohammed Barkindo. That’s what we heard from the journalists.

The Nigerian representative also had a meeting with the other OPEC countries – Iran and Iraq.

The former secretary general already served 2 times. And it’s not allowed to serve more than that according to OPEC rules. That’s why there is a need to change the head of this institution.

The last time there was the same thing with the secretary general. OPEC though is not that excited about having the same person for such a long time on this post.

The meeting didn’t go that easy though. It mostly happened because the people from Arabic countries couldn’t agree on their candidates and it was really complicated to make a deal.

They basically rejected everyone. They wanted El-Badri to continue being the secretary general.


There was also OPEC oil price discussed during the meeting. They talked about the most important issued connected to this topic.

The other countries were dissatisfied with Arabic countries’ decision. They didn’t want the former head representative to go on with his job. However, there was no other option other than compromise.

The decision was to let him stay until next month. But no longer than this term.

The OPEC claims that only if there is no other official candidate chosen El-Badri will get a chance to serve another term. That’s quite understandable. Will there be any other option?


That’s all that is known for right now. However, there should be more information soon enough. All we know now is that there is supposed to be a huge gorgeous ceremony.

So as soon as the candidate gets the post of secretary general, there will be a special holiday made.

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