Nigeria soldiers kill 15 Niger Delta militants

What are the latest events, which happened in Bayelsa State? How did Nigerian army manage with it? Read the article to learn the hottest news about NDA.

Nigerian army has killed at least 15 participants of Niger Delta Avengers. 12 of them have got under arrest. It was made to provide access to gas in regions.

Nigeria soldiers kill 15 Niger Delta militants

Operation began after three large-scale attacks on the oil and gas enterprises in Bayelsa State. On Sunday, soldiers of Nigerian army have faced NDA on this place. Intentions of group consisted in blowing up the oil pipeline. Vandals have begun fire attack to patrol team and were quickly stopped as troops possess much bigger firepower. However, several fighters were killed. Some of them have received gunshot wounds.

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Nigeria soldiers kill 15 Niger Delta militants 2

According to the existing information, the participant of NSCDC has also got a gunshot wound.

In addition, there was a collision of soldiers with three high-speed motor boats. Allegedly, they transported other participants of NDA and were going to attack one more oil enterprise.

Nigeria soldiers kill 15 Niger Delta militants 3

Twenty suspected fighters were arrested. More than 300 units of various weapons were liquidated at them. The commander of Nigerian army has proved full identity of suspects. However, recent explosions made in the Delta of Niger could be made not by them. 'As you see, avengers continue to threaten economic and civil security that suggests that several criminals are at freedom now'. The colonel has confirmed these events.

The head of naval staff has said that they have to consider NDA as the main enemy of the state, against which it is necessary to fight actively. Therefore, the navy has provided 4 powerful boats to liquidate further incidents.


The army must always sluzhiti his people and his country. This is lucky to survive, who do not, but the most offensive when the die is not for nothing, and perish not guilty people, who have their own families, children and parents. But we all choose our own path in life, those who went into the army, had duimat about the consequences of what happened. Just a pity the young guys, 15 people is a lot, it really is a terrible tragedy that caught a lot of families. I think a lot of people reading this article will think about life. Thank you, it was very interesting, although very bitter for young soldiers.

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