Nigerians, Are You Dead?

What the hell is the m atter with us? How can we tolerate such collosal amount of madness and illegalities and just sitdown look?

1. This is the fifth week of the presidents absence, and his whereabouts is still a mystery

2. The vice President has been treated worst than a spare tyre, at least you have to use your spare when yu have a flat, we have a sick and disapearing President and the Vice President is not acting

3. Illegal Signature on our NATIONAL BUDGET

4. Illegal Cheif Judge

5. We buy fuel at 120. litre and no one is saying why because Mr. Minister defied The VP and went to vacae while we vacate on fuel queues

If all this is not enough to get us off our seats and into the streets, then we truely deserve the kind of leaders we have because 150million of us are as good as dead. Inface 150 million Corpse have more value , because such large amount of corpse will lead to an epidemic for the few people that are holding us to ransome, but we alive have no value only complains and wishing Gani was alive to carry all your fights and burdens. Yet we are the same people who celebrated Obama like hell, there would be no Obama if some black men in the 60s just sat in beer parlours, online and kept complaining till 2008, they got up marched the streets, broke the bariers, sacrifeiced teir lives, thier freedom, thier comfort, their new jeeps for the collective good, they did not enjoy what they fought for but their children are living that dream. Shame on us all

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What can we do ? am yet to find an answer. Poverty in the land,Te Politician know how to manipulate the citizen. Even those who think its not ideal to have tis type of society will now be outcast. Because my pple sef dey fear too much, we fear to fight for Justice. (Justice is expensive you know). God for all of us everyone for himself. Please someone should tell me what we can do. Until when there is enough awareness,and everyone really know his left from right. My suggestion is this,lets start from nairaland ,Signing of let our "Leaders account their tenure" it can also be on facebook and other notable sites. It should start from the Local Govt to state and federal,Ministers,Commisioners and what have you should tell us their Budget and one by one in sequential how they spend it. The Total revenue with analysis. its enough to say i build roads, we want to see if all aspect as enshrine in the Constitution were touched. I rest my case. any counter or supporting suggestion.


Nigerians have been conditioned that way. Here is what happened:

- Our leader where not elected by us (so not accountable to us) - we allowed them

- They give us peanuts (and share the york among themselves) - we did nothing

- They perform 10% (some 1%) - we roll out the drums

- Our basic rights are deprived - we allow it (make yanga no wake trouble)

- Officials suspend restrictive laws for their convenience - we just boil and cool (life continues)

- Corruption is perpetrated - we give the oga chieftainship  title

- When we (Nigerians) see evil, with little bribe - we turn blind eye

- When are elected into position - we seek our pocket

and more.

So why would one jump into fire just because;

- few shadows are running the show,

- our president slap the law-of-the-land in the face

- National Assembly members are looking for ways to avoid doing their job - even after grace period don pass

- Giant Of Africa is on life support Auto-pilot  - Not minding that the system is bad

- Suddenly nobody know what next

- Our President is missing and no rescue search team in place - Police can announce him missing

SAD, but it will just fine. After this crash, we will get going again. How much suffering/heartbreak can we bear. Just don't waste your bandwidth. OK. Welcome to the world's most peculiar nation - NIGERIA.


Lol i cant stop laughing. Why am i laughing? I jst prove my ownself wrong.

I used to think Nigerians are great human beigns in Africa, Infact i always thought when it comes to boldness and being radicals, Nigeria was No1 in Africa. But i jst discovered we nothing but cowards, we jst show our boldness to the innocents and weak once around us and our radicalism in crimes. As we all know that a man who always practice his,boldness and strength among his family and weak once is nothing but a coward, that is what am beginning to see Nigerians as.

This rubbish can never happen in a small country Like Liberia, Sierra lone, not even in Congo. No Nigerian want to die, Yet they still desire change. They prefer to live all their life complaining to standing up for their right and freedom.

I think the fact that we got our Independence based on dialogue and so easily, has really effected our mentality of sitting down and expecting things to change magically. If we had seriously suffered and fought like the south Africans to gain our liberation from the west, we would have valued it and never to let any individual(white or black) tamper with them, we would be ready at anytime to stand up to fight for our rights and freedom.

So sister i ask the same Question as you do. I can't imagine that One tiny sick(half dead) man with his power drunk wife, paused a nation of 150million vibrant people for almost 40days now. Kai!!!! Is this a curse, abi na Jazz dey use hold us?

Infact at this moment i wouldn't even blame the Kaki boys taking over power, coz the so called, FEC, senators, VP, and everything Nigerian democrazy have failed us. BIG TIME. Infact they are all now confused of the so called constitution, turning everything upside. I wont be suprised if Turai is being sworn as the acting president, coz we now have confused people in the legistlative.


I feel you! Save me a placard! :-)

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