NLC strike: will the fuel price be changed?

Why does NLC call for strike over the fuel subsidy canceling and fuel prices rise? Learn now.

Nigeria Labour Congress has called for an indefinite term strike against the new petrol price policy of the Federal Government. People in Nigeria are struggling much with the new prices and the financial pressure it puts on them to survive. However, OPS calls the NLC to cancel the strike and support the government.

NLC strike

Fuel scarcity and the reasons behind the rise of fuel price

Presently the government of Nigeria is forced to take some hard steps to fix the situation in the country. Fuel scarcity marred the beginning of the year and it keeps on giving trouble to people across the country. Massive energy black outs have causes significant damage to Nigerian economy and even kids had to quit their studies for some long whiles during the scarcity times.

 will the fuel price be changed

That is one reason behind the present day fuel price rise. The government has to stand the battle and get its political will tested. It has to ensure the implementation of its policies to stop the fuel scarcity and stabilize Nigerian economy.

This is the time of trouble and it demands collaboration of the entire nation to cope with it and overcome it. That is why NLC experiences pressure to cancel the hike and give the hand in overcoming the bad situation.

 fuel price be changed

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The situation remains unsolved, as NUPENG, one of the most powerful of the labor unions still calls NLC to go on with the strike. Comment the post and let your voice be heard about this whole situation with fuel prices and fuels subsidy.

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