Nnamdi Kanu biography – Who is the Biafra radio voice and IPOB leader?

His name has been widely discussed in Nigeria and abroad. Find out who is Nnamdi Kanu and what statements he has made.

Have you even heard of Mr. Kanu till 2015? Most of us have not. But this year has become a breaking point in his life and career, as well as in the lives of many people in Nigeria. Radio Biafra has become known well in Nigeria among all the tribes, even if previously it was popular mostly among the Igbos living in UK and in London in particular. So, what is the story behind Nnamdi Kanu and what is his biography?

nnamdi kanu biography

Short bio facts

Mr. Kanu was born in Nigeria in the state of Abia, in Isiama Afara. He has finished Government Collage and later on left to get his higher education in UK. No much is really known about this person, as he does everything possible to protect his privacy. It is known that he resides in London and has founded Biafra radio.com in 2009.

Mr Kanu facts

He is viewed as one of the top IPOB leaders and Igbos residing in London seem to give him their support. The radio station has been blocked by the Nigerian government for a while. Still the ideas shared and spread by Mr. Kanu got over the borders and had a significant impact on the long lasting conflict between the tribes in Nigeria. In 2015 on October 18th Kanu has been arrested by the police in Nigeria. Since that time we all are following the Biafra radio case in court.

Massive strikes and peaceful protests have been carried out in Lagos and other cities. And many threatening statements have been made on Kanu’s followers’ side about the possible military conflict and violence outbreaks. Just few days ago in December 2015 Nnamdi Kanu was released from the prison and the manifestations have stopped. However, that did not put an end to the case and trouble.  

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Some of the roughest Kanu’s statements:

nnamdi kanu statementsSurely this person has made a range of rough and hateful statements about the current president and government of Nigeria, as well as about the country in general. Here is a list of top five of them for you to consider and put together your own opinion on the subject:

  1. "Nigeria is a zoo and everybody living in that Godforsaken zoo deserves to die....." Nnamdi Kanu

    This “zoo” term has been used by him more than once. He also promised that unless Biafra would be allowed to go, the “zoo” would become a horrible place, and Somalia would seem like paradise compared to it.
  2. "We are assembling weapons and we need some more money to thoroughly equip our military to enable us unleash mayhem on Nigeria....." Nnamdi Kanu

    Such a statement sounds pretty aggressive and threatening. Seems like the ghosts of Biafra War are coming back and alive from the doom.
  3. "It is either Biafra or death....."Nnamdi Kanu

    It’s a pretty radical statement. Such a thing cannot be decided by one person on behalf of millions!
  4. radio biafra com"No Ibo man should attend any Church where the pastor is a Yoruba man, they are criminals and fools....." Nnamdi Kanu

    That is plain taking the war to the “holy ground”. Church is no place for either political, or racial trouble or disagreement.

    God has created it to be the place of love, peace and acceptance for any human being regardless of their origins.
  5. "Buhari is a shameless Paedophile and rapist....." Nnamdi Kanu

    This comment is very personal. It destroys the dignity of another person and in reality has nothing to do with politics or freedom.

Now you have the basic Nnamdi Kanu biography facts and some ideas about where this person is headed. 

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Compared to current happenings to the Biafran people in Nigeria, Mass killings of Igbos in Enugu by Fulani herdsmen, Army and police use of deadly violence on Biafra peaceful protesters etc can you now understand why he called "weapons"? And if you claim he is violent,why didn't his "violently indoctrinated" followers carry out violent protests even after series of police killings? Nnamdi kanu is a man who saw ahead of time. Today,communities in Biafra land are creating vigilantee groups for self-defence against invading Hausa-fulani terrorists called herdsmen. Was that different from what he called for? Do the rest of Nigeria trully love the Biafran people? Go and found out what the saduana of sokoto said about Igbos. What about the genocide Nigeria carried out against millions of Biafrans, Is that not enough to avenge? Nnamdi kanu is a true leader and his legacies lives on even though still in detention. #FreeBiafra

Answered 1 year ago.

Each country is manager. What must answer for their actions, words and deeds. He must take care of the welfare of the country and the population that lives in it. Wherever his speech said, is to tell the truth and take into account the desire of the people. Actions should not diverge from the words. Now hard times and all leaders ready rozvyazuvaty force and war conflicts. This is not an option! This is a huge loss for ordinary people and their families. I think everything is best in our country.

Answered 2 years ago.

To be a popular radio doctor no idle task. At first it may seem that you reach great success, you pay attention, you become popular. The speaker receives the calling and the respect of people, lots of opportunities to create for themselves an excellent career. However, the advantages of working in the media and bring a lot of problems with their main characters. The radio announcer always has to watch what he says from his workplace. One wrong word and society may have problems to solve that will be possible is not as easy as we would like. I wish Nnamdi Kanu success in his responsible post.

Answered 2 years ago.
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