Nnamdi Kanu states that Buhari's government fabricated charges against him

Why does Nnamdi Kanu think that Buhari's government makes false charges against him? Where did he address to provide a defense? Read the article to learn the latest facts about one of the most scandalous trials.

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Nnamdi Kanu is a very scandalous figure in Nigerian politics. These are the latest news from biography of Biafra leader.

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The leader of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has moved to other level of fight for Biafra people – on Wednesday, August 17, he wrote the letter to the British High Commissioner, having accused Nigerian government of charges against him. Also Kanu claimed that the Nigerian government cancels his participation in the federal Supreme Court and rejects his addresses in Appellate court. The leader of indigenous people of Biafra has created the new movement against the federal government of Nigeria. According to some information, Kanu is going to send more letters to many other commissions. His protest against imprisonment by Nigerian government consists in it. In the letter, he said: ‘We write to the British highest commission to prove the fact that political organized trial of Nnamdi Kanu is based on fictional charges of traitorous criminal offense. We ask the British government about restoration of  freedom of the person whose basic rights, as it is specified in constitution of the country and corresponding international conventions, have been extremely broken by Buhari government’. Kanu has accused the Nigerian government of elimination of his protection in various ways including difficulties in receiving access to reports and resolutions, made by court during all judicial process, lack of hearing of the case and use of false people as witnesses. ‘Despite our fierce resistance, the court ignores all our requests’. In the letter, Kanu also said that he has addressed appellate court to delay the statement made by Judge John Tsoho from the federal Supreme Court.

Prophecy about Buhari government

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Prophecy about Buhari government

'To set in motion and to achieve fast consideration of this case, we have submitted the application for accelerated hearing, however we still don't receive any answer' – Kanu has declared. He also blamed a delay of his application in Appellate court till March 2017. 'After we have been informed on date of delay, we have quickly reacted and made a complaint to deputy chief of division of Appellate court in Abuja. In the above-mentioned letter, we have carefully provided a legal basis for all data'. The leader of IPOB has also told that he is convinced in the fact that the delay is an effort of Nigerian government to lay a way to lower court to resume planned closed trial for him. Kanu also said that some members of IPOB are detained by various managements of safety in Nigeria. The letter has convinced the British powers that Kanu has been arrested on October 2015 and remained under detention since then on various incorrect bases including traitorous criminal offense. 'The court of the first instance has exempted him from obligations and justified. Nevertheless, the federal government considers him a violator'. Kanu has appealed to Attorney-General to show respect and obedience to the law. On Wednesday, he has confirmed the fight for freedom of Biafra again. He also will never leave Biafra, contrary to statements of MEND that he has made it to be released from prison.

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