Obama, Clinton, Minaj, Drake. What do celebrities say about the issue of racism and police shootings?

Who are the most frequent victims of police shooting? Why police shooting statistics by race is so terrible? Let’s find out more about the issue.

police racism

Is racism a real problem in the USA? How often do you hear about police shooting black man? Is it fair? Is anyone trying to change the situation? Let’s find out, what famous and powerful people say about police racism.

Police shooting statistics

Unfortunately, the news keeps reporting about police shooting almost every day. The latest situation was on the 5th of July in Louisiana. According to the current data, 37-year-old A. Sterling was killed by police. Just several hours later, the same happened to Ph. Castile in Minnesota. The videos of both shootings immediately became available for the public. That provoked quite intense reaction.

The official data of police shooting statistics by race tell that 561 people were killed in 2016. Some of the shootings were justified, but such numbers are still frustrating.

American celebrities didn’t stand aside and showed their reaction as well.

What do celebrities say?

Barack Obama

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B. Obama. As a president, he was one of the first to speak about the occasion. In his Facebook post, he wrote that people should be very concerned about this problem, as such things happen too often these days. He also added that it happens because of the disparities in the judicial system and lack of trust from the neglected people.

H. Clinton. As a candidate from democratic party, she announced that official civil rights investigation will be opened in order to resolve this case. She is sure that the blacks must know they are the same precious people. They are not neglected because of the color of their skin.

Hillary Clinton

Drake. A popular rapper expressed his fears concerning such terrible statistics. He is concerned about tension between the color population and the law enforcement. To his mind, a dialogue should be opened.

N. Minaj. She says that she feels frustrated about the event. She also posted the names of other 14 victims of violence for others to remember that something should really be changed.

The public is extremely concerned about the tragedies happening every day. Something must be done to improve the situation and change scaring statistics of police racism.

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