Ogun state news: kidnapping of Senator Iyabo Anisulowo

Did you hear about senator kidnapping? Read the article to learn the details.

The latest naija news: representative of local police office, Muyiwa Adejobi has confirmed kidnapping of Senator Iyabo Anisulowo.

Senator Iyabo Anisulowo

He said: ‘We know of kidnapping of senator about 6 o'clock in the evening on April 27. The rescue team was sent to the area of stealing to return her safe. The SARS team will try to arrest criminals. Also the police prepares for solution of motives of the crime. We assure the population of Nigeria that the victim will be rescued soon. The police and special services will make everything to leave her safe. We ask all Nigerians who know any information about it, to report to us. Together we will deal with this business'.

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Ogun state news

We will remind that Anisulowo is former senator of Ogun state. She held this position since 2003. Recently she has celebrated her 70 anniversary. By hearsay, she was going to participate in elections of 2019. A week ago the woman was kidnapped by unknown criminal with her driver and director of the ministry on the way from Abuja. However, two men have been returned on freedom. It is unknown whether someone has paid for them any repayment. We will watch further Ogun state news.

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