One of Boko Haram leaders was arrested in a Lagos church

When did the latest event on Lagos church occurred? What are the names of suspects of new terroristic attack in church of Borno? Read the article to learn the latest information about terroristic organization.

Boko haram news

Boko haram news

The suicide bomber has blown up himself in the mosque on the northeast of Nigeria. Reuters agency said about Boko Haram attacks on Friday, July 8. As the police have reported, the fighter has got into the mosque in Damboa (Bornu staff) during a morning prayer. As a result of explosion, nine people have died and 12 more have got wounds. Any of terrorist groups has not taken responsibility for event yet. However, the authorities of Nigeria have already accused of commission of act of terrorism the West African Province of Islamic State organization, better known under the old name of Boko Haram.

The Boko Haram leader who is listed by the searched armed forces has been arrested in Lagos church during the weekend. He conceals names of other participants of group. Also there were five other terrorists suspected of various acts of terrorism in the state. The conclusion was made that suspicious persons allegedly corresponded to those people in the list of 100 most dangerous terrorists, published by armed forces recently.

Boko Haram attacks

The head of vigilante group, Mai-Kanuribe from Lagos and Seriki Hausawa of the kingdom Idzhora, Alkhedzhi Moustapha Mohammed has told at conference in Ijora yesterday that five of suspects have been arrested on Friday. He has told that the sixth suspected Adam has been arrested in church in the city of Festac where he disappeared. According to him, before arrest Adam disappeared in the thrown 40-foot container in church.

Mohammed identified others five suspects – Ibrahim Ali, Abubakar Ahmed, Goigoi Kamsalem, Ibrahim Mohammed and Babagana Blam Ali. He has added that Ibrahim Ali and Babagana Blam Ali have been arrested in their shelters in the field of Isheri of customs outpost of Berger. He has told that suspects looked slovenly with starvation signs. According to him, they are transported to Borno state where they are searched by armed forces.

Boko Haram leader

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'Adam is one of the most important required members of Boko Haram Nigeria in the list of the searched armed forces. We have received the report that Adam disappeared in the thrown 40-foot container in the church room'.

'When we have arrived in the church room, searching for him, the security service specialist wasn't near to us. The container has been locked from outer side. The pastor of church was confused when he has seen us, but then we have explained our mission to him, he in the company with others has permitted to us and when we have opened the lock, Adam disappeared in far corner of the container. As soon as Pastor has seen the suspect, he has begun to sing praises'.

Boko Haram Nigeria

Troops of 3 battalions of Nigerian army have also killed 16 terrorists of Boko Haram and have arrested two others during weekend in ambush in Rann in the Municipal Kala/Balge regions of staff of Borno.

The director of army Public relations has declared that two soldiers have died in cruel firefight with terrorists while five others have got wounds. Besides, more than dozen of communities in the capital of Maiduguri have been flooded after heavy rain, which lasted for four hours on Saturday.

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