Oodua Peoples Congress issued an ultimatum to Niger Delta Avengers

Oodua Peoples Congress seems to be fed up with latest Niger Delta Avengers attacks. The leader of The OPC sends an ultimatum to militants who threaten Lagos state.


It seems that Niger Delta Avengers are about to have a new enemy. Recently reformed the Oodua Peoples Congress, which stands for pan-Yoruba ideology, issued an ultimatum to Niger militants. According to the ultimatum, if the militants have fourteen days to stop attacks and terror of South Africa communities. If this condition is not fulfilled, Ijaw people will have no choice than to gear up for the protection of their families. The OPC continues to issue threats towards the militants after series of terrorist attacks on communities in Lagos state.  Nevertheless, the OPC seems to be determined in their threads and will gear up their people despite the decision of Niger Delta Avengers.

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The statement of Yoruba was read by Comrade Dare Adesope and contains next clauses:

Niger Delta

  • Yoruba community is filled with constant attacks from Ijaw militants. If the attacks are not stopped in fourteen days’ period, Yoruba will provide adequate reaction.
  • The government couldn`t fulfill its mission in protecting Ogun and Lagos states from Ijaw people as kidnappings, killings and invasion continue. The OPC is reformed to provide necessary protection that the Government failed to implement.
  • Yoruba people disappointed in the authorities and acknowledged that life, property, and dignity of ordinary people is a value neither to Ijaw people, not the authorities.
  • Yoruba hospitality and tolerance are well known treaties amongst other tribes.
  • Nevertheless, if some people like Fulani herdsmen and Ijaw militants overstayed their welcome in Yoruba lands.
  • Thus, Yoruba people will tolerate these acts of aggression no longer. If the fourteen days’ ultimatum conditions are not fulfilled, Yoruba will provide all type of anger to their enemies.

As it was informed, Niger Delta Avengers are suspected in storming Local Council Development Area of Lagos, where they killed Gorilla Oseni wives and guardsmen.

Niger Delta Avengers

Gani Adams, who is the leader of the OPC, offered help to the government forces against Niger Delta Avengers. He condemned the kidnapping and killing actions of the criminal groups in Lagos. Also, the OPC provides their men in providing the security of Lagos state. Gani Adams suspects that people might understand the motives of the OPC wrongly. Therefore, the security service is only to be provided to those who ask for it. In other cases, the security measures would not be forcefully implemented to the people who do not desire to take them.


Niger Delta Avengers and Fulani Herdsmen managed to get angry one of the most hospital tribe in Nigeria. The clauses delivered by Dare Add scope are a clear sign of determination for Yoruba people. On the contrary, it might be a sign of disappointment for local authorities who failed to provide the necessary level of protection. The OPC threatens to take the rifle in their hands if criminals do not leave them in a piece. Nevertheless, it seems that despite the decision of the militants, Yoruba people are eager to gear up for a protection of their lives. It might be possible that the failure of local authorities in providing protection may cause arising of a new power which is not to be trifled with.

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