Operation Crocodile Tears: Niger Delta Avengers blow another pipeline

What is the name of new operation of Niger Delta Avengers and what purposes does it have? What did representatives of NDA say about conflict in Delta of Niger? Read the article to lean the latest news about it.

 Sabotage oil output – the latest news

Sabotage oil output – the latest news

The paramilitary group of delta of Niger, or Niger delta avengers, threw down a challenge to the continuing military operation of Crocodile Tears in the southern region and announced the beginning of the transaction, taking the responsibility for attack on the main supply line of Ogor-Oteri managed by Nigerian Real estate Development Company in the state of Delta. Attack happened in early hours on August 30. The paramilitary group Urhobo, together with their leader, Aldo Agbalaja, declared that attack was made to eradicate Team B, having added that their armed forces began Operation Crocodile Tears, presumably, to worsen crisis of the delta of Niger.

‘Recent events around our region touch issues of justice and our inalienable right to protect heritage, proved everything. Now it became clearer who treats receipt of justice for our people seriously and who used the name of the region and destiny of all our people to be enriched, betraying the Nigerian state and oil multinational corporations. Though some selfish actions to achieve some cash objectives came from name of the people of the delta of Niger, Niger Delta Greenland Justice won't be stopped on the way of its mission to receipt of justice for people’.

Crocodile Tears

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‘When sides will be erased, justice, most likely, will fail. If there should be negotiations, they should be really worthy and in the actual sense are obliged to represent all certain countries of the region equally. The paramilitary group continued to declare that the action should be a factor in preparation of huge business, which will become dialogue on behalf of all people of the delta of Niger. If the mentioned leader can't respect royal fathers of the ethnic country, if he orders them at his own desire, what chance other countries, without any matching submission have?’

‘However, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate won't sit any more, quietly monitoring infinite prosecution of our people in various parts of the region by Nigerian armed forces. We once warned you against victimization and prosecution of defenseless people of the region, especially in the region of the rivers. But Nigerian armed forces speeded up the presence and made life more difficult for our people. They kill our representatives on the basis of simple suspicion now. It can't proceed any further’.

Announcing their determination to resist, the group demands: ‘We refuse to be intimidated by Buhari. We direct the notification on the beginning of our transaction. Now Nigerian armed forces should deal with representatives of our team’. For this purpose, NDGJM set ready all those people who work in UQCC/UPS Erhomukokwarien, the Collector of Cleaning of Eriemu in Agbarha, the Plant on gas production of Otorogun, Station of the Flow Olomoro, Oil refinery Warri, Eleme, OB-OB and the plants of gas production of Obite in Omoku with an appeal to evacuate all necessary.

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