Opinion Polls Will Discourage Election Rigging?

Conducting An Opinion Polls Will Stop Rigging?

Let the MEDIA conduct an OPINION POLLS fast!

I wonder why uptill now the Nigerian Media houses havent thought it PROPER to conduct a GENERAL OPINION POLLS in this country like it's done in other places?

This has lots of Advantages and it's also an avenue to allow the aspirants re-strastegize, if need be.

All these while, we have been hearing their campaigns, and what I've heard so far SUCKS!

No originality

The same LIGHT, WATER & ROAD issues; that will be left undone when they get into office, only to be used for next dispensation.

It also serves as an Opportunity for the people to show what they have in mind before the election proper, and in places where it's been done, it also helps to checkmate rigging to a large extent,

Someone once mentioned that the NIGERIAN MEDIA is VERY LAZY; and I'm beginning to agree that it's true!

Why can't the Media conduct a general polls on the situation of the Aspirants?

THE MEDIA. . . ?

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Why wasnt it YarAdua, Atiku, Buhari or IBB?

Well, to some extent it's an insight that the Nigerian people now have a better grasp of who they'll elect when free & fairness are guaranteed!

The people's "choice", not a SELECTED option.


In Nigeria, the question is who really cares about the verdict of opinion polls? Most opinion polls showed Donald Duke as most peoples choice. But even at that we all knew he wouldn't get the PDP nomination. Even when Silverbird's poll showed Okotie as Nigerias choice, nobody pretended he was a front runner. And even if a widespread, all inclusive poll was conducted and the result differs significantly from the actual election results, what can be done about it. You still cant prove rigging.


rigged because handsome Donald Duke led every other poll, online and offline.


Opinion polls doesnt have any effect on decision taking or

policy-making in Nigeria yet.

Can you remember the Silverbird "Who Nigerians want to be President "

poll. Chris Okotie lead according to the polls.

But Is Okotie one of the presidential possibles today?


When it comes to issues of politics, election, rigging and the like.

The say of the public does not count in the scheme of events.

However you can still have your say.

Did the "largest" party in disarray sample nigerians opinion before

choosing their presidential frontrunner flagbearer?

Nay, opinion polls cant discourage rigging

But the action of the people can reduce rigging


We have GSM almost at every nook & cranny of Naija.

Text messages, emails, online voting.

Free or premium-priced sms will serve to encourage respondents.

Information/adverts placed on TV, radio, newspaper, bill-boards, flyers, posters, multimedia adverts, etc are but a few.

Some media houses did something similar during international beauty pageants, etc.

All it needs is the right publicity mix, the right media noise at d right places portraying the importance and benefits of same should pull a good level of participation by the populace.

Internet access is also there; at most multiple entries from a singular cell-phone or computer IP address culd serve as a check to disqualify such.

It can be done!

Just a thot!


Well-conducted opinion polls should give people a general idea of how an election will turn out. Unfortunately, those types are hard to carry out and would require the involvement of good statisticians. You might end up not including certain people who will eventually vote in the election: the super-rich, the uneducated, rural-dwellers, et cetera.

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