Poorest country in the world – 5 top list

Many countries of the world are struggling with poverty. It might be called one of the worst disasters of our life. Learn about its causes and the poorest countries of the globe.

We live in the time of amazing technology development and real miracles taking place daily. The humanity has been able to cope with a wide range of problems, epidemics, etc. However, it still has one huge plague to conquer – the poverty. In the poorest country in the world people get little over $200 per year to survive on!Poorest country

Here are some drastic facts on poverty for you to consider:

  • Almost half of population of the world lives under the poverty line;
  • Over the last 35 years anti-poverty campaigns were able to decrease the number of people living for $1.25 a day from 50 to 15% of the global population;
  • Almost 50 % of people in this world still live on $2 a day!
  • Africa is the poorest continent of the world (by the income of people);
  • Poorest country in the world Africa is the richest continent on the planet by the amount of natural resources;
  • 22 000 kids die each day because of poverty;
  • Over 800 million people do not have enough food on daily basis.

There are many other facts we can lay out on poverty. They all are tragic and heartbreaking. However, there are several major reasons behind all this that many people fail to see. Let us take a look at some top causes of poverty and understand why all the global efforts become ineffective when coping with it.

5 top causes of poverty:

  1. Lack of compassion
    Poorest country in the world The word “compassion” basically means “to suffer with”. It a quality innate to humans. We have the ability to feel compassion for fellow humans and be moved by it to actions. We try to alleviate the causes of suffering for other individuals, as we would have done it for ourselves.

    The reason why so many kids live and die in poverty is because either we do not see them, or do not wish to see. We are unwilling to step into the compassion territory, as it feels very uncomfortable. We may think: I am in need, too. Why should I care for them? The truth is the compassion really does not depend on the level of a person’s education or riches. Both poor and rich can be compassionate enough to do something for another person.

    It is really not so much about the lack of food or other resources in the world. It is about the lack of true Christian love and compassion. These people die, because we do not open our hearts to help them.
  2. Poorest country – 5 top listViolence
    Violence is rarely listed among the reasons of global poverty. Nonetheless, it is responsible for this poverty monster. Of course, wars lead to poverty and need. However, that is not the kind of violence we are talking about. Simple and daily domestic or community violence is the greatest creator of poverty.

    At this, these aggressors do not come from another country or even from another neighborhood. They live right close to us. Men rape women or girls, and even children. These men do not come from another country or place. They have been brought up right among us. People get raped, killed, thrown out of their homes or enslaved.

    All this happens because local communities and countries allow it to take place. People do not stand up against it and the poor have really no protection. No law enforcement is available to them. Violence is the plague that keeps the poor behind the poverty line bars, just like a prison.
  3. Lack of education
    Poorest country 1Education is a powerful tool. It allows people to become independent and more capable of taking care of themselves and their families. Especially education is important for girls. This is even called the “girl effect”. When girls become educated and able to provide for themselves, they change the community around them. Lack of schools or the ability to go there (high violence rate) prevents us of being effective in fighting poverty.
  4. Lack of political will
    Many local politicians from the poor countries are rich. They simply buy their safety and other goods in life. So, they see no use in protecting the poor and providing them with adequate means to cope and fight the poverty.
  5. National debt
    Lots of developing countries have huge external debts. More and more people today call for forgiveness of debt and further help to the poor. In many cases foreign money comes with the obligation to let the foreign companies on the local market. That leads to many small businesses getting shut down notwithstanding the competition.

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5 top poorest countries in the world:

5. Madagascar
Poorest country in the world – 5 top 11These people are islanders. In fact, Madagascar is the 4th largest island on the globe.  It has over 2 million of population. At this 69% of inhabitants live below the national poverty line making just a $1 per day.  The annual income of a person here amounts to  $454.

4. Liberia
t takes the 103 position in the list of the most populated countries of the world. Per year an individual can make here about $436. That is an average income and leaves them under $1.5 a day.

3. Central African Republic
Poorest country in the world 3This country has a population of 4.4 million. It has no coast line. People grow and sell crops here and in average a person would make only $333 per year.

2. Malawi
It is the 99th largest country of the world with over 16 million of population. Annually a person makes here only $253, which means they survive on less than a dollar a day.

1. DRC (Congo)
Just think about it: the 11th largest country in the world is the poorest one! With 75 million of population it provides its residents on with as much as $236 per year of income. It’s not even a dollar per day!

As you may see, all the countries on our list are from Africa. Despite the fact that this continent is richly endowed with natural resources, the poorest country in the world is located here. It has trillions of dollars in its mining deposits, but they are owned by foreign countries. Viewing the 5 top causes of poverty we all know we can do something to change this horrible situation and at the very least show some compassion to those living next to us and struggling with poverty. 


Lots of money daily is spended for unuseful things. Mostly they even have not big importance. Its in the looking for the other planets, existance of life on which, wars, which have no reasons, for staff which have no importance but make our life just funny. Mostly people don't think of those, who suffer daily from poverty, who need some food, some clothes or a just small house. We shouldnt forget them, when possible - help them, not spend money for worthless things which are not even need.

Answered 2 years ago.

Every day a lot of money is spended for different things. Most of them even have not any importance. We spend it for the search of other planets and life on them, for unreasonable wars, for staff which is not important but makes our life funny. But most of us don't even think about poor people, who suffer every day, who want to eat, to have some clothes and some small house. We should think of them, when it is possible - help them, but not to spend our money for worthless things which we don't even need.

Answered 2 years ago.

This world need to be saved, saved not onlyby God but we have to make this world better too. I see a lot of worthless wars people hunting wrong purpose instead of to set a good serious goal on making other people live better. They got money for wars but they can't feed poor people. The evil is everywhere and i believe if we will put enough of effort we can fight it. Does anyone heard about those cities in Canada and some other country in Europe where there is no crime and violence? that's what I'm talking about, we can make the world better if we try hard.

Answered 2 years ago.

This article is definitely encouraging. It inspires people to be much kinder and nicer. We have to face all our problems and sometimes it is not right to think only about ourselves we should care about people sho are poor and who are in the time of need. Who will help them but we? mainly there is something good in our hearts so we should never be shy or afraid to do the right thing. To be a little more kind and generous. For us it may be just couple of bucks but for someone it can be a life-saver.

Answered 2 years ago.
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