Pro-Biafra protest: are MASSOB members arrested?

Why MASSOB members were arrested during pro-Biafra protest? Find out now.

The latest events in Nigeria related to Biafra are not peaceful in their nature. Recently IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu was rejected to be let out of prison on bail. Now MASSOB activists clash with Nigerian troopers all over the place.

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Pro-Biafra protests in Onitsha

Presently Anambra state undergoes trouble. People there came out to the street to protest. In Onitsha they gathered near the church. It seems like military people opened fire against the unarmed protesting activists.   

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Pro-Biafra protests news in Imo state

In Oweeri police arrested 17 members of MASSOB. This was done to prevent further escalation of the conflict and protests on the streets. These people planned to carry out a march to commemorate 49th anniversary of Biafra.

biafra protest

This Monday the information about their arrest has gone public. They marched conducted by them was started at the Waterside Primary School in Owners. It was not permitted by the authorities, so they deem them to be peace breakers in Nigeria. Later on, the men may be prosecuted in accordance with the law. Most likely such events would not stop further actions from Biafra activists.


Protests for the government is not always very good impact on their reputation, and they are trying by all means to prevent them. If not, then tried and arrested. Perhaps it is certainly not correct. And what should be the ravnapravie and people just have a point of view, they want to make, and that the change for the better. Protests in our time and change the country if not the people who will test, then no change would have happened. I think this article will learn a lot, and those people who were against it, after reading it, change their minds.

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