Senate takes precautions against ASUU strike

New precautions against ASUU strike in Nigeria. What will government do? What reaction should we wait from ASUU? Learn all the news on ASUU in this article right now!

ASUU Strike

The Senate committee Chairman of TETFUND, which is Tertiary Education Fund, Senator Jibrin Barau assured Nigerians that the Senate is making everything to prevent the impending ASUU strike action, which is Academic Staff Union of Universities.

Latest News On ASUU Strike

Latest News On ASUU

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In a brief conversation with Abuja journalists, Barau told as a pre-emptive Senate, which is always responsive to the Nigerian plight, some efforts are being made to ensure that the dialogue between the federal authorities and university professors, who have previously warn that they may soon begin an indefinite strike if the no moves are made to pay for their salaries and allowances.

student protest

Answering to this threat, Senator told that any actions made by ASUU will nullify the interest of Nigerian students who are the future of our country. He also told: ‘as a very responsive Senate, we are considering and be sure that we are really working hard to resolve this issue.’

‘We shall always play an active role in issues like this especially in the education sector that affects our youth’.

ASUU strike 2016

ASUU strike news

By the way, on the plights of a couple of universities, which are not being able to get the funds from TETFUND, the senator told that the issue was also being looked through by this fund new Executive Secretary

‘As you all know that our new Executive Secretary has already been appointed in TETFUND, this man is a very hard working person and I am pretty sure that he is looking through the situation in all Nigerian universities and he will soon come to a clear Senate decision and he will be working with them together, in order to put all the things in place’, he added.

ASUU strike 2016

However, Barau noted that though the economic situation is not good now, everything needed is being done by Nigerian authorities to have developed economy, where all things will be simplified for Nigerian people, adding that it is not paying attention to the fact that there is some need to create a special environment, which can put the education sector in the right condition and move it to a great height, where the Nigerian universities could appear among best in the world.

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