Top 10 African countries with the highest military power

Most countries in Africa have recently gained their independence. Still they have managed to build up significant military power. Learn which one has the highest.

Many countries in Africa are baring their teeth against each other. They grow their armies and fire power for self-defense. Our top 10 African countries with the highest military power list is not based on the volume of human reserves or armors possessed by each country. Annually this list is made by the Global Fire Power using over forty different criteria.
 countries with the highest military power

That is how they came up with their Power Index and their list of the African military rankings. This list includes 126 countries.

  1. Egypt
    Egypt’s rank on the list is 18. The entire population of it amounts to 95 million with 1-3 of this number fit for the military service. Though, that is not the single aspect that has facilitated it and got it to the top of the top 10 strongest military in Africa with highest fire power. Here are some of the key stats to consider:

    Defense budget: 7.9 billion dollarsActive recruits: 500 000African highest military power
    Power Index: 0.6122
    Naval power: 245 (frigates, submarines, corvettes, etc.)
    Tanks: 4600
    Air force: 1100 (trainer aircrafts, fighters, transport aircrafts, helicopters, etc.)

    These facts and figures along with 400 thousand paramilitary recruits make Egypt a very significant military force and not only in Africa. Its military budget is one of the top resources in the world and the military is also one of the major ones.
  2.  Algeria
    With over 20 million people of available power and 10 billion defense budget Algeria follows Egypt on our list. Its global rank is 27. Algeria is also on a list of 40 most populated regions on the globe. Its armed force is the second largest in the region.

    Defense budget: 10 billion dollars
    Active recruits: 130 000
    Power Index: 1.1698
    Naval power:  60
    Tanks: 975
    Air force: 448 (trainer aircrafts, fighters, transport aircrafts, helicopters, etc.)
  3.  South Africa
    Global rank is 32. Notwithstanding the fact that South Africa is one of the leading economies of the region their investment in military sector is lesser than of its poorer neighbors. Total available men power amounts to 25 million. It takes the 24th place among the most crowded countries of the world.

    Defense budget: 4.5 billion dollarsAfrican military power
    Fit for service: 14 million
    Power Index: 1.3467
    Naval power: 30
    Tanks: 195
    Air force: 209
  4.  Nigeria
    Nigeria ranks first among African economies, but its global military power rank is 41. It is one of the most packed states of the world. It amazes by its available manpower – over 70 million people! The defense budget of Nigeria comes up to 2.3 billion dollars, which makes Nigerian military capabilities huge. Every year over 3.5 million people come into the age of being fit for soldierly service.

    Defense budget: 2.3 billion dollars
    Active recruits: 130000
    Power Index: 1.5261
    Naval power: 75
    Tanks: 148
    Air force: 98
  5.  Ethiopia
    The global rank of this African country is 46. Its total available manpower is 38 million people. Every year it gets 2 more million people suitable for service. Over the last decade its active recruit number was cut by half (from 400 000 people down to 180 000+). The Navy of this country ceased to exist in 1996.

    Defense budget: 340 millionTop 10 African countries military power
    Active recruits: 182 000
    Power Index: 1.3229
    Naval power: 0
    Tanks: 2300 + 800 armored vehicles
    Air force: 81
  6. Morocco
    In the list of the military ranking of countries it takes position number 49. Its available manpower consists of 17 million people. It has one of the largest army budgets in Africa. This country spends up to 14 percent of the entire annual income on military needs.

    Defense budget: 3.4 billion dollars
    Active recruits: 195 000
    Power Index: 1.8635
    Naval power: 121
    Tanks: 1 215 + 2300 armored vehicles
    Air force: 282
  7. Kenya
    Its total available manpower amounts to almost 20 million people. Its global rank is 68. The populace of the country comes up to 45 million people. Yearly the state gets almost 900 000 persons fit for the service. The high budget and large population take Kenya high up on the top 10 strongest military in Africa with highest fire power list.

    Defense budget: almost 600 million dollars highest military power
    Active recruits: 24 000
    Power Index: 1.6835
    Naval power: 19
    Tanks: 76 +591 armored vehicles
    Air force:  127
  8. TunisiaI
    t takes 58 position on the global list. The total fit for service number of people is over 4 million and available manpower is almost 6 million people. The population of this country is only 10 million, but its defense budget and manpower are significant.

    Defense budget: 500 000 million dollars
    Active recruits: 36000
    Power Index: 1.4449
    Naval power: 50
    Tanks: 180 + 679 AFVs
    Air force: 138
  9. Angola
    It ranks 76 on the global list of 126 countries. Its total available manpower amounts to little over 6 million. It has one of the top in African military budgets.

    Defense budget: 4 billion dollarsTop 10 countries with the highest military
    Active recruits: 100 000
    Power Index: 1.8579
    Naval power: 55
    Tanks: 244 + 538 AFVs
    Air force: 269
  10.  Niger
    Every year over 300 000 men rich the age that makes them fit for the army service in this state. Its total manpower is 6.5 million and it ranks 82 in the international list. The total populace of the country is 17 million. Economically this is one of the lowliest states of the region.

    Defense budget: 2 billion dollars
    Active recruits: 6 000
    Power Index: 2.0079
    Naval power: 0
    Tanks: 0+ 157 armored vehicles
    Air force: 15

Top 10 African countries with the highest military powerAs you may see all the Top 10 African countries with the highest military power are in the 100 of the globe leading countries with the strongest fire power. Of course none of them separately, nor all of them together cannot beat the leader in this sector. USA annually spends over 500 billion dollars on defense.

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Hello. The war in our time - the evil. Constant attacks are very frightening. An urgent need to invent something that the Earth has found peace. We live in the 21st century, and half of the money spent on military training against yourself. It is very strange. Egypt began to intervene in the showdown, it suffered for a strong losses.

 ISIS is also very scary organization, it's a war. Yes, military training is of course makes a person stronger, but as a result of innocent people are killed. It is not right. Even in Algeria 10 billion spent on military training, it's a lot of money.

People, it's time to reflect.

Answered 2 years ago.

This is just my point of view... I think army of Egypt and only army of Egypt can pretend for leadership in this list. Between 1st and 2nd positions of this list is whole universe. Budget/skills/equipment of egyptian army is so better than others africans armies that dispute is useless. There one fact almost all weapons of every african military are made in Soviet and that's why it is old and unfit. African engineers can only fix it but can't made it... That's why african armies can fight only on internal area and can't pose a real threat for worlds armies

Answered 2 years ago.

The main thing to take into account such a fact - whether the country colonies of powerful states. And if so - then there is usually a strong army, but the people are very poor. And vice versa. Army - this is not a deterrent, a means of defense, sometimes people from the truth. Therefore, the top 10 strongest countries - a negative consequence of the colonial policy of the world's states. I hope that Africa can izbavitsya from oppression and agony and stand up on their own. People need to wake up. A poku tops the list of course Egypt, South Africa, followed by Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco and others.

Answered 2 years ago.
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