Top 20 funniest reactions to Donald Trump's victory

What can you say about Donald Trump President Campaign? What Else can provide us this guy? What are the New Donald Trump memes?

Donald Trump campaign

What do we know about Donald Trump campaign? It was the most scandalous campaign that has ever existed in the United States. You might be sure that there are many people who doubted that the winner of the president race would be a person, like Trump. In a couple of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, the first one was named by many things, like racist, sexist and even fascist. Some people in the USA waited for the Donald Trump Elections, other fear that he could come to power. Nevertheless, we can see now that the elections showed that Donald Trump President is now a reality of the day. It`s interesting to see the reaction of the USA citizens.

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Donald Trump memes

One of the most interesting new Donald Trump memes. It`s crazy that people desire to find any sign in everything. Still, it`s catchy and funny to see Donald Trump like this.

Now Trump is your president

Good morning the USA! Now Trump is your president, and It might be possible that the constitution and freedom can become his next thing in the bed.

Good morning the USA

If you desire to have sex with a girl, you can`t simply ask her to come to your place and have sex. Netflix and Chill are the best way to hit the girl about your intentions. Adam Key provided a new idea of a opposite direction as CNN and Panic.

British Empire

British Empire may have some positive ideas from Donald Trump news of presidency. It can be quite a good time to return the USA to the reign of her Majesty.

The USA was supposed to be a nice place of for gays

The USA was supposed to be a nice place of for gays. Nevertheless, Donald Trump election showed that it`s possible to provide some difficulties for gays and lesbians in the USA.

Winter is coming

Winter is coming. One of the most interesting Donald Trump memes to the Games of Thrones. Unfortunately, there is no uncle to hold this person from doing whatever he desires.

Donald Trump elections

Donald Trump elections were monitored by Russian Federation TV news. They desire to know what should they expect from a new president of the USA. It`s well known that during Donald Trump President campaign he openly supported Russia and expressed his support of president Putin. Nevertheless, recently, The Vice President of the USA gave information that sanctions against Russian Federation would continue.

elections in the USA

After the president elections in the USA, you may now find this kind of T-Shirt to get your mood fixed.

Donald Trump

It`s the short map about how people from all over the world may feel about the election of Donald Trump. So, China and Russia should be extremely excited about the election of the Donald Trump.

week in the USA

It`s just three words, but they can give the short description of what happened this week in the USA.

 Americans can have more reasons to drink

Now Americans can have more reasons to drink a lot of alcohol these weeks.

Do you have a plan, Mr. President

Yeah, like this. What`s know? Do you have a plan, Mr. President?

Now this future returns to us

Have you ever watched back to the future? Now this future returns to us!

change something in the past from happening this future

Now these two guys should change something in the past from happening this future.

Americans are quite optimistic about their future with Trump

Americans are quite optimistic about their future with Trump.

Trump`s wig

Nevertheless, Trump`s wig is the most handsome amongst everything. And Harry Potter fans are certainly happy about this combination.

Trump had lots of practice in this sphere

Well, Trump had lots of practice in this sphere.

Donald Trump

Well, if Donald Trump won these elections against all the odds, then what can prevent something like this from happening? In this way, USA may have a future like in one of the popular game on the PC – Saints Row. Especially the last part, where the president of the United States fought with Aliens.

Now the USA have a new orange president

Now the USA have a new orange president, who will rule over the country for the next four years. Nevertheless, it seems, that they have a desire to change the color of the skin for the president.

Donald Trump

One of the greatest Donald Trump memes that can show how people in Canada reacted to the superwave of Americans to the Canadians` website.

Donald Trump is a president

What should people expect from the election of the Donald Trump? Some people in the whole world believe that the Donald Trump election as a president is a good sign for democracy of the world. Many people did not believe that it`s quite possible that the man who was called racist, sexist and fascist may become a president. Other people expect for the new world war coming and seeking for the refuge in the other lands. Therefore, Americans started to find some places out of USA, like New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Canada.

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