Top 5 bomb blast attacks in Nigeria 2015

Have you seen those horrible blasts last year in Nigerian cities? Find out about the 5 top for 2015.

Are terrorist attacks a big problem in Nigeria? How many of them have happened during the last year 2015? How many people have been killed? Find out now. You will be shocked by the numbers!

bomb attacks in nigeria 2015

Top bombing attacks in Nigeria 2015

The figures are quite devastating. At least five of such acts took place in 2015. Consider the most impudent of them:

  1. Kogi attack. The news appeared in October. The terrible act happened in Ajilari, Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Borno State. According to the data received from Nigerian army, it led to the killing of seven people in Maiduguri, including the bombers themselves. Besides, eleven more innocent people were injured. There were three blasts, which were detonated by the suicide bombers. The interval between them was about three minutes.
    kogi blast in nigeria
  2. Borno State bombing. This time it was in September. It happened in Maiduguri and Monguno. According to the reports, it was a suicide attack, which caused more than 145 deaths. As the local people said, 150 more people had been injured, while the police report announced only about 100. Boko Haram group is suspected to be guilty.
    Borno State bombing
  3. Maiduguri bombing. It was also a suicide attack, which took place in the northeast of Nigeria in March. According to the existing data, there were five bombings in total during that day. They happened in different parts of the city. The death toll comprises about 60 people, while more than 140 of others were wounded. It appeared to be very similar to the previous Boko Haram group’s attacks, that’s why this terrorist group is still suspected.
    Maiduguri bombing nigeria

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  4. Monguno bombing. In July, there was another attack of Boko Haram. 63 people were found dead. According to the reports, it was a sack of homemade bombs, which exploded at the abandoned camp of terrorist group. As the witness claim, the sack exploded in the moment, when people came to observe it.
    Monguno bombing attack
  5. Potiskum bombing. In July the same year, bombs were set off by Boko Haram at a mosque and restaurant in Jos. As the reports said, 51 were killed, while 67 more people were injured. Several suicide bombs were applied in this act as well. Moreover, several people were killed and  churches were burned by militants.
    Potiskum bombing nigeria

These are the latest attacks, which have led to the greatest losses. There are much more of them, which are not that prominent, as they caused fewer victims. However, the number of such cases remains scary. Boko Haram group is almost always a perpetrator in such terrorist actions. It makes people afraid that the government is not still able to stop them at all.

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