Tunde Bakare: why is Save Nigeria Group is silent during this fuel crisis?

Why is Tunde Bakare not opposing current fuel crisis and subsidy removal? Find out now.

In the past Pastor, TV evangelist and political activist Tunde Bakare from The Latter Rain Assembly had taken some radical steps against fuel crisis. SNG conducted various manifestations on the streets of Lagos and Abuja. He also supported president Buhari and opposed Jonathan during his rule. Why is Tunde Bakare silent now?

Tunde Bakare

Why is there no protest against subsidy removal?

When president Jonathan Goodluck tried to remove fuel subsidy back in 2012 Save Nigeria Group was attacking him and actively opposing. Presently, when the same action is done by President Muhammadu Buhari Tudne Bakare seems to say nothing against it.

Save Nigeria Group is silent during this fuel crisis?

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Here is what he has to say on the situation: we should have the courage to do the right thing. In the past he believed the removal of fuel subsidy may lead to severe fuel scarcity and various economic problems. These days same things take place. Yes, in the short run fuel subsidy could put an end to fuel scarcity, but in the long run such decision is not profitable.

People suffer in Nigeria, but if some decisions (the radical ones) are not made now, they would suffer even more. This is the position currently taken by Tunde Bakare, who remains a vivid critic of Nigerian government.


In all countries, and there was always a crisis in Nigeria is toplevo who is something else. People have become accustomed to it, and those who are not used need to calm down, because everything will be fine. Do not always be bad. And officials are doing everything to ensure that eliminate this problem which prevents to live to the public. But I think that even in times of crisis do not need to lose heart, but we must still hope for the best and committed to it. In fact, after the black band is always white anyway. News on the subject is not changed, and all in a panic, but all will be well.

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