Tunde Fowler: Tax contribution of N5.000 can save a child from malaria

How taxes can save a child who has malaria? What qualities tax administrators have to possess to convince people to pay all taxes in time? Read the article to learn the latest news about new plan of Tunde Fowler.

Malaria medication child

Malaria medication child

The tax contribution at the rate of N5000 is enough to save life of the child who is sick with a fatal disease – malaria, – workers of Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) have declared. Tunde Fowler has mentioned that payment of taxes is a small amount of money, which will allow to save up necessary amount and to save life of the baby who can die of malaria in child. This story has touched hearts of some taxpayers, who began to pay taxes in Lagos in due time when he was the chairman of Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS).

He said to tax administrators from Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire and other parts of the West African sub-region that they have to be persistent to convince citizens to pay a tax and to finance development of their country. 'When you demand that people have paid a tax, they ask you: 'For what?' But when you say to them that this tax at the rate of N5000 is sufficient to save the baby from death and child malaria, their relation about it begins to change gradually. As the tax administrator, you have to become a teacher to save the child's life. The matter is that we have to see work, which we do, specially. Taxation is a state building. It serves your country and it serves God. When you convince the taxpayer that the tax which he or she pays, could save life of the child who has malaria, you can touch the heart of the taxpayer. Before entering lawful changes tax administrators have to become teachers, psychologists and just friendly people – supporters of the law. All interested parties have to feel our roles in providing the country. Africa catches up other part of the world concerning transition from resources to the taxation as the main source of financing and development.

malaria in child

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Tax sources

The head has expressed concern that any of members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, with all their wealth doesn't belong to league of the developed countries. He has noted that the level at which the economy is able to grow and develop steadily depends on ability to provide enough tax revenues to finance expenses and efficiency of tax system. 'Even Nigerian oil, gas and mining sectors aren't the largest participants of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The sectors take the third place after Trade and Agriculture'.

Tunde Fowler has declared that the government budget of fund and taxes have to be at the certain level regardless of the fact that tax inspectors are in law range. He has noticed that an employment is still possible to raise taxes within existing laws, describing outdated laws and difficult lawful processes as some calls to the tax law in Africa.

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