Tunji Braithwaite – Is there another grave loss in Nigeria?

Nigeria suffers great loss. Dr. Tunji Braithwaite is dead. So sad!

2016 has brought many sad tidings for Nigerians. One of them came on Monday, March 28 from Lagos hospital. Dr Tunji Braithwaite is dead! He passed away being 82 years of age. His life, as well as his entire family has brought significant benefits and amazing changes to Nigeria and Africa in general.

Tunji Braithwaite

Tunji Braithwaite  biography

He was born in 1933 in one of the most outstanding Nigerian families. The history of his linage is traced back to 1880s. One of his ancestors was Rev I. Braithwaite. He was one of the first Christian missionaries, who went into the provinces of Nigeria and introduced Christianity to people in Ijebu Province.

Tunji Braithwaite biography

Tunji Braithwaite comes from a family with 8 children in it and he was the youngest of all of them. His higher education was gotten from Council of Legal Education, UK, London. He married back in 1956 and the family had 5 kids in it. His wife was Grace S. Falade.

Tunji Braithwaite 2016

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The older brother of the renowned Nigerian lawyer named T.A. Braithwaite has founded and well established insurance business not only in Nigeria, but in the entire Africa.

Tunji Braithwaite death

Tunji Braithwaite death

This man  was considered one of the prominent Nigerian nationalists. Governor Ambode believes his death is a grave loss to the entire nation of Nigeria. The late Dr Tunji Braithwaite never shunned responsibility, even when his life was endangered. He used to do what is right even during the military coups and that particular one lead by general Abacha. He stood his ground and opposed the general putting his life at risk.

Tunji Braithwaite had a long, fulfilling and fruitful life. He has multiplied the heritage left by his notable family and set example for future generations of Nigerian people and politicians. R.I.P., Dr. Tunji Braithwaite.

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