Ufo! Are They For Real?

The ufo phenomenon has been with mankind for centuries,the American and british government deny their existence but the fact still remains,are they for real,I need answers to this question?anyone pls?

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Sorry guys that it took me long for me to get down to this,I have been really busy all these days and forgetting to continue the work.

I have deduced the following key points:

Though they are mostly Techinical aspects

1. There are smaller disk-shaped craft that come from a larger

cigar-shaped "mother ship".

2. Sizes range from 8 inches to a 1000 feet for the mother

cylindrical craft. The disks are in range of 1 to 30 meters. Saturn-

like vehicles with a "ring" are in 5 to 15 meter range. Conical

hat types about 200 meters.

3. Color in daylight brightly polished silver to dull aluminum.

Flat-bottoms are darker underneath in a central circular area or

in annular ring near the rim. Running lights at night in many


4. Halos at night, neon-like, solid color luminescence emanating

from an envelope of air around the metallic hard surfaces.

The big cylindrical mother ships sometimes have great

white cloud.

5. Wakes: dirigibles and cylinders have plume-like wakes when

accelerating rapidly or moving a high speeds. These wakes are

gray to straw-colored in daylight, flame-colored at night. UFOs

can move slow at 100 mph without generating a wake.

6. Jitter - at times they vibrate heavily. UFO motion is jerky

and jittery at low speed. This could be an optical effect rather

than a real jitter.

7. Absence of heat near a UFO. So not much infra-red emanations.

Mild sensation of warmth. The surfaces of the UFO are not very

hot. Nothing is at a red heat.

8. Maneuvers. Hovering at any altitude is common. UFOs hover

close to the ground for long times instead of landing. The

different maneuvers include:

a. falling leaf or UFO-rock like a coin falling in water

b. silver-dollar wobble - like a coin with a slow spin on a flat

surface. This maneuver is consistently observed at the end of a

rapid descent as the UFO initiates hovering

c. acute-angle turn with rapid stop at the vertex

d. sudden reversal of direction

e. bank and turn - exactly like conventional aircraft

f. straight-away speed run either horizontal or vertical!

g. tilt to maneuver "UFOs tilt to perform all maneuvers , they

sit level to hover, tilt forward to move forward, tilt backward

to stop, bank to turn"

9. Speed 9,000 mph at altitudes 60,000 feet, 18,000 feet,, 3,500

feet from military radar observations.

10. Accelerations are typically 100g, which is 10x larger than

our fighting air machines, but less than our small anti-tank

tube or gun-launched missiles whose internal computers and

gyroscopes are designed to withstand 9,000g back in 1975. What

would such a small missile do to a UFO at close range?

* Note this 100g figure is what is seen by external observers.

The ship itself and its occupants may be in the local inertial

frame (LIF) motion of "free-float" i.e. zero g just like our

astronauts orbiting the Earth with rockets switched off and no

spinning of the craft.*

11. UFOs observed as high as 200 miles from surface of Earth. So

they are space-capable.

12. Sound: hum, buzz, whine at close quarters. Sound rises in

both pitch and intensity seconds before and during take-off.

Steady motion either a light swish-of-air sound or running

absolutely silent. With few exceptions NO ROAR OR BOOM WHEN


13. Weight 30 tons - for an ellipsoidal craft 6 meters axial, 3

meters cross diameter. This is 965 kilos per cubic meter, which

is like our modern nuclear submarines, but is more than our jet

airplanes. UFOs have retractable landing gear three 6"x12"

rectangles in equilateral triangle of 6 meter sides with X-print

5" deep in hard soil, for a 10 meter disk.

14. Nests and rings: saucers land without extending their

retractable gear in reeds or soft ground leaving nest-like

imprints. They swirl down grass rings like the "crop circles"

perhaps? Hovering saucers form chemically and physicall altered

annular rings in the earth itself. Also charred roots and wilted

plants are found.

15. Propulsion: no visible means. There is no jet propulsion.

There is no ejection of propellant of any kind. The 100g

accelerations would require conventional jet engines that are

unattainable with known technology. This is not how they do it.

Some kind of force field is involved. These fields bend and

break tree branches, bump or slow automobiles spinning them out

of control or tipping them over, stop people by force or knock

them down.

16. High degree of nuclear radioactivity and X-rays near UFOs!

This is not healthy.

17. Merging: spheres and saucers leave and enter large cylinders

and dirigibles.

18. Occupants seen engaged in collecting plants, minerals,

water, manually and using suction hoses.

19. EMP is strong. All electrical circuitry interupted,

batteries are burned out, gasoline engines stop, diesel engines

OK. Conventional fighter aircraft attacking UFOs at close

quarters will be destroyed by EMP unless specially hardened.

20. Alien weaponry includes heat beams, paralyzing beams, force

tractor beams both as tools and weapons. UFO occupants are

apparently not mad dogs killing sadistically. Generally they use

nonlethal levels for their weapons to defend against attacks.

NATO forces should not initiate attacks unless attacked. UFOs

have pattern of intruding on our defense bases and also key

hydroelectric plants. They are also interested in getting close

to water like lakes.

however as earlier said they are officially non-existent.


Still continuing on the political aspects,


Has anyone tried area 51 on google earth.


Area 51 is FAR from an abandoned facility.   Workers are shuttled in and out daily by air, and many of the United State's front line fighter jets and stealth aircraft were either developed there or at least tested there long before their very existence was even acknowledged by the US government.

Guards patrolling the Area 51 perimeter have explicit  "shoot to kill" orders that are applicable to any intruders that roam too close to that area known as "Dreamland".


ufo's hmm nope i dont think they exist. but i do believe in the existance of other life outside the earth. maybe something like microorganisms. but intelligent life dont think so. area 51 yes, as a secret research institute into things: 1. you dont want to know about or 2. you should not know about or 3. not in the best interest to america's enemies well being. but probably out of order now with all the media hype. though i watched a documentary long time ago thats shows the place still with high security but looked abandoned.


check this link



Do you have google earth, you can type Area 51 and lets see what it turns up


Yes I know. We just must garther info.

By the way, is "area 51" real? Can anyone say something about it. The producer of Independence Day show the place in his film. Is it another contraption or real one?


Mdsocks, my knowledge of ufo wasn't from religion. I got a couples of pictures of the creations in a magazine years ago and had read a few narration by those who had personal encounter with it.

But we I read a religion book titled "THE UNSEEN" by one Arabic scholar, I compare the author's discription of jinns and some unseen creations with ufo phenomenon. I then had a personal experience with a guy who could see the so-called "UNSEEN" i think a lot needed to know. Unfortunately the present crops of scientists are not as daring, brilliant, and original as those of 18-19 century. They just rely too much on satelite images and robots!

Sure, jinn may be different from ufo, but the fact remains that WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE!

If jinns and ufos are different creation, then we have enough to do.

Meanwhile, I am interested in that field. Keep me posted if you find something. I would appreciate it.


UFO's have been seen by enough airline and military pilots to convince many that there in fact do exist civilizations of highly intelligent humanoid beings, scattered on distant planets throughout deep space,  whose level of technological expertise far surpasses that of mankind in virtually every field of endeavor, merely beginning with those amazing "flying saucers" that have been recorded on countless video and film clips.

Do a google search on "Area 51", "Groom Lake",  "Dreamland" and the name "Robert Lazar" to learn more about that mysterious US Airforce base out in the Nevada Desert, where captured UFO flying saucers have reportedly been test flown and analysed by scientists under a cloak of absolute secrecy for several decades now.

Robert Lazar is a defector from that project who went public with details of the so far unsuccessful attempts by US Airforce scientists to reverse-engineer and  duplicate the gravity-neutralizing propulsion systems that enable those alien aircraft to aerobatically out-perform all of the latest front-line fighter jets fielded by NATO and the USA.


olanajim ,good one there

but i think you talking from a a religious point of view

Ufo's are for real

People have actually taken real pictures of Ufo's

but some people are of the opinion that the government are denying this fact

Am currently doing an online research into it , will paste more info or videos on it later


Ufo are real. But the people are confusing themselves the more.

There is probability of these ufo to be nothing but Jinn. Jinns are of the same nature as ufo. They have always been with us. Though science had not taken time to verify this.

My understanding of Jinns shows that we have three types. And from what I read of encounter with ufo, it is very likely those chaps were seeing Jinns.

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