War against kidnappers in Nigeria is on!

Can the crimes of kidnapping be uprooted in Nigeria? Learn how the government declared the war on militants.

 kidnappers in Nigeria

Only this year we have heard of many people being kidnapped and tortured or robbed. The latest event shocked us all – Lagos elderly monarch was kidnapped by the militants. Here is what the government to do about it.

Ambode starts the war against criminals and kidnappers!

It seems like stealing things or cars is no longer enough for the militants. Now they steal people! Some of the famous personalities, who experienced such a tragic thing, told they were not fed or even given any water while kept prisoners. Their families had to pay large amounts of money to bring them back.

Not all the victims of kidnapping can easily restore afterwards. Some of them do not survive the captivity. Lagos state government has set up the emergency phone lines for people to call, if they notice any suspicious activities. They call the citizens to stay on guard and be prepared to report any crimes they witness.

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War against kidnappers

This war cannot be won, unless all the people take part in it and share information. Even these days Lagos intelligence has obtained some valuable hints from regular citizens, who did not hesitate and called the emergency lines.

Some of them reported people they suspected in preparing for kidnapping. When the police arrived, they uncovered the criminals. All the governmental structures are working together to prevent such crimes in the future and to get the situation under control. Meanwhile, citizens should stay alert and report any suspicions things they observe.

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