What are Buhari's most popular nicknames?

Do you know Buhari's nicknames? Why do people call him so? The most curious facts are here! Everything you wanted to know about Nigerian people and their attitude to Buhari!

Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari is the most important person in the country. No wonder, people are always interested in Buhari news. They often give him funny and sometimes weird nicknames.

1. Sai Baba

It is a kind of slogan, which was mostly used during the 2015 electioneering campaign. And even now, Northerners use this phrase rather frequently to praise the Nigerian president. A few months after election during one of Buhari’s visits to Kaduna State, such chants of ‘Sai Baba’ were in the air and this made it one of Mr President’s nicknames.

2. Baba go slow

As the name indicates, Buhari was named a slow president in many circles. The name has become rampant within one year of the celebration of his ascension to the post. Is actually Baba slow? It’s up to you.

3. Goro President

Goro President

Goro is a word in Hausa language and it is kola. A lot of northerners are well-known for using it. Name rages among Southerners, particularly for northern traders. As a northerner, President Bukhari was called president Goro.

4. Anti-corruption

Since getting power, Buhari’s great anti-corruption war was rather ‘well fought.’ There were ‘loud’ arrests of prominent figures such as Sambo Dasuki, Femi Fani Kayode, Lawal Jafaru Isa, Olisa Metuh and a lot of others, so Buhari has got himself a new nickname: anti-corruption.

 5. Bubu

Daura Dullard

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This short name is derived from surname ‘Bu-hari’. It is extremely popular among different social media commentators.

6. Daura Dullard

Buhari’s certificate story has been continuing for a while. A lot of people believe that he has no WAEC certificate at all, so this is how President has earned a new nickname – Daura Dullard. Is it fair? It’s up to you!

7. Ajala the traveler

Ajala the traveler

During first year as a leader of a country, President Buhari made about 29 foreign trips despite the hundreds of problems facing the country. A lot of people accused him of staying somewhere out the country more than he is at home. According to this, the president Buhari has been called Ajala traveler. Nowadays this nickname is really wide-spread.

 8. Old Soja

This common parlance is usually used for retired military personnel in Nigeria. As a former military president, this nickname seems to be quite justified.

9. Baba Zahra

Baba Zahra

President Buhari got such nickname because Zahra, one of his pretty daughters, was right in the spotlight during all her father’s campaigns and even after. The girl is very beautiful and people love it.

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