What are Edo election 2016 results?

What are Edo election 2016 results, according to the latest data on 29 of September? How the elections of 2016 did take place? Read the news below to learn the latest info and facts about Edo Decides 2016.

Edo Decides 2016

Edo Decides 2016

Nineteen candidates compete for the governor's position, but many believe that the main rivalry comes between Godwin Obaseki from All Progressives Congress and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the People’s Democratic Party. 1,900,000 registered voters live in the state of Edo election in total. There are 192 Registration areas, more than 2,000 Voting Units and 4,011 points for a vote. In total, 25,000 police officers were sent for work during Edo State Election to guarantee safety while 44 groups of observers were elected by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to keep order and legality on Edo Election 2016. Reporters and newspaper photographers watched elections, and officials of INEC were noticed behind the analysis of the ballot boxes in various centers in Benin City already at 7:45.

The resident Selective commissioner declared that comparison of results for elections of a position of the governor would begin on September 29. Olumekun declared in Benin after the meeting with the National commissioner and two Resident Selective commissioners. He didn't give the reason for the change in date. The news agency of Nigeria (NAN) learned that the decision to begin counting of votes could be a consequence of the arrival of regional authorities of 18 areas today. Correspondents, who visited the office of INEC in Benin, report that safety was difficult while a movement to the area was limited only by accredited administrative boards and other personnel.

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Edo State Election

At the office of INEC party agents, reporters and observers on elections were noticed at the beginning of counting of votes. Journalists who met at the main office X Ipoba of INEC in Benin were accompanied from one of the main halls approximately at 20:30. The police officer handed the list to the armed employees who were on duty in the center and directed them not to resolve entrance to any which name wasn't on the list.

Except for journalists from television stations, the selective observers, party agents, personnel of security service, permitted officials of INEC to enter the hall. The reporter who approached safety officers was sent back. The place was crowded and some reporters protested as no official of the commission explained the reason why they were limited in the case of an entrance to Edo Decide 2016.

Edo Election – who is leading?

According to the latest data, three trucks Hilux which, according to assumptions, transferred the selective materials arrived at the main office of Holm Ikpoba of the commission to Edo. However, many journalists, party agents and observers on elections were stuck at the office of INEC because of the last decision of the electoral commission. Elections were complete in all parts of the state. Edo State Election Result Update is the following: the national chairman and the head of All Progressives Congress, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun has more chances of getting a position of the governor in his native land Edo though earlier he was ahead. While Godwin Obaseki received votes of 69 voices in Oredo 2, the oppositional Peoples' Democratic Party received 78 votes. The candidate of PDP, Osagie Ize-Iyamu received 369 votes.

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