What are Nigerian state capilals' names and their meanings?

What do you know about names of Nigerian states? What are the meaning of 36 states in Nigeria? Read more to find out!

Nigerian states

Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa with a total population of one hundred and eighty million people. Nigeria is divided into 36 states and capital. Today, in this article you will learn the meaning of state and what is the main richness of this state.

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Federal Capital Territory

Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory takes its name from the Hausa. Abu means red and Ja also means red or fair complexioned from The Hausa language. In 1976, Abuja was selected as the new capital of Nigeria. Abuja was established in the 1600s during Zaria, Hausa ruling dynasty.

Yola, Adamawa

The name of the state comes from Fulfulde, the Fulani language. The meaning of yolde is an elevated point or elevate growing ground.

Yenagoa, Bayelsa

It is one of the 36 states of Nigeria that was named after one of the most famous traditional market centers.

Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Uyo was named after the wild apple that is popular in this state. Uyo fruit is not only tasty but also has medical properties.

Umuahia, Abia

The name meant marketplace and was previously known as Ama Ahia.

Umuahia, Abia

Sokoto, Sokoto

Sokoto name comes from times of Sokoto Caliphate, the ancient empire which consisted of 30 different emirates. Sokoto or Sakwato also comes from Arabic word suk which means the place of market or commerce.

Port Harcourt, Revers

The port was named after first Viscount Harcout, the Colonial Secretary from 1910 to 1915.

Owerri, Imo

The actual name of the state is Owere but it was anglicized and became Owerri. The name comes from Owere, which can be translated as belonged.

Oshogbo, Osun

Oso Igbo, the ancient goddess of Osun river or the name of state can also be translated as a misfortune.

Oshogbo, Osun

Minna, Niger

The word comes from myina which can be translated as to spread the fire.

Makurdi, Borno

The name of the state has Hausa roots and comes from Mai Kudi, which means a person with money.

Maiduguri, Borno

The word is a symbiosis of two languages. Mai comes from Yobe, which means a king. Duguri comes from Kanuri and has the meaning of bottom.

Lokoja, Kogi

The word comes from Yoruba and can be translated as a country of scattered villages.

Lokoja, Kogi

Lafia, Nasarawa

It`s one of the 36 states of Nigeria which name can be translated as peace.

Katsina, Katsina

The state was founded in twelves century after Christ and was named after one of the wives of Janzama, who was a ruler at that time.

Kano, Kano

The name comes after the blacksmith of Gaya, Kano.

Kano, Kano

Kaduna, Kaduna

Kaduna comes from Hausa language and means crocodiles.

Jos, Plateau

Jos can be translated as the body. The name was given to distinguish the state from surrounding hills.

 Jalingo, Taraba

Jalingo comes from the Fulani word “to conquer”.

Ilorin, Kwara

The word comes from Yoruba language and can be translated as to grind the metal.

Ilorin, Kwara

Ikeja, Lagos

The word is abbreviation from the colonial period of the state, and the full name is Ikorodu and Epu Joint Administration.

Ibadan, Oyo

It`s a Yoruba word which means the end of the Savannah.

Gusau, Zamfara

Also Yoruba roots, the gusa means to move.

Gusau, Zamfara

Gombe, Gombe

Gombe comes from the name of Fulani dialect in this region.

Enugu, Enugu

Enugu is one of the main coal city in Nigeria. The name comes from two words enu and ugwu, which translation is “the top of the hill”.

Dutse, Jigawa

The word comes from Hausa language and can be translated as a stone or rock.

Dutse, Jigawa

Damaturu, Yobe

Dama is the name of the ethnic group from this state while turu represents a traditional Fulani drum.

Calabar, Cross River

The translation of this word is not certain. However, some scientists insist that it comes from Portuguese word calabarra, which means a bar is silent.

Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi

One of the ancient Nigeria state, which history comes from 600 BCE. Birnin in Hausa language means city.

Benin City, Edo

Benin comes from an ancient empire that was by so called Kings of the Sky in the ancient times.

Benin City, Edo

Bauchi, Bauchi

The word comes from Hausa language and means the southern flanks.

Awka, Anambra

It`s also known as Oka which refers to   Umu-Okanube, the worshippers of Okanube.

Asaba, Delta

It`s a Nnebisi word which can be translated as “I have chosen well”.

Akure, Ondo

The word comes from Yoruba and means “The beads have snapped.”

Akure, Ondo

Ado Ekiti

Ado can be translated as “here we camp”, while Ekiti denotes the settlement with many hills.

Abeokuta, Ogun

The word comes from Yoruba and can be brought as under the rock.

Abakaliki, Ebonyi

The name is derived from Aba Nkaleke, which is the name of the community amongst Izzi people.

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