What are the consequences of a new Fulani herdsmen attack in a community in Niger State?

What do you know about clashes where Fulani herdsmen involved? What happened on the last Fulani herdsmen attack on farmers?

Clashes in Africa

As it was reported in the news, no less than ten persons were killed during clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria. According to local authorities, the conflict happened somewhere between July 7-8. The locations are pretty wide started with Tungan Malam village and ended in Bokuta village. The battle occurred between two communities and launched when the herdsmen invaded to the farm and their cattle destroyed some crops.

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According to the information of locals, one of the farmers teased the herdsmen into the fight, where one of the herdsmen was killed, others managed to flee. On the next day, the group of youngsters from the herdsmen invaded to the farmers’ property and killed five men. This accident supposedly led to the next clashes and conflicts between these two communities.

Nigeria clashes

In the Tungan Malam, a group of young herdsmen invaded to the farmer`s property. Their cattle almost destroyed crops on the farmer`s field. When he tried to complain, the young herds struck him to the death. The friends of the farmer`s community did not desire to leave this unpunished. They regrouped and supposedly killed three more of the herdsmen. It seems that clashes are endless. Moreover, the victims of the clashes can be women and children.

Herdsmen killing

NEMA official representatives paid a visit to the Bokuta village. According to the NEMA officials, local authorities try their best to settle down the dispute between two community groups. The NEMA decided to secure the area around farms and take a watch with local village representatives to prevent more clashes. In the same time, women and children of the Bokuta village use the Bosso primary school as a sanctuary from the conflict. Nevertheless, the dispute is still unsettled and the NEMA must stay in the area until those two communities find piece. Also, it`s necessary to locate the one who was responsible killing spree for Fulani herdsmen and farmers killing spree.

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