What are the main points of President Buhari’s anniversary speech?

What did president Buhari say about economic situation in Nigeria for the last year? Read the article and you’ll learn the main points.

Buhari latest news interest great amount of people. Recently the president has traditionally acted with anniversary speech. Below we publish some fragments from his performance.

President Buhari

In Buhari speech he has reported that their administration comes to power. For them, this year was heavy, but he will do everything to solve problems, which arise in Nigeria now. Buhari has thanked all citizens of the country for the fact that they were patient and generous and has noted importance of democracy.

Further, he said about unpleasant news regarding oil production. According to him in 2010 income from oil made 100 dollars for barrel. However, in connection with economic conditions its price has fallen to 30. The president has reported that country wasn't ready to control this situation.

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Buhari latest news

Infrastructure, roads and salaries were in bad condition. There were also huge debts, which we have to pay to suppliers from other countries. In the northeast of Nigeria, Boko Haram has captured 14 authorities. In the country reigned corruption and impunity. In other words, Nigeria was on the verge of crash.

Further, he has reported that he is going to take serious measures to correct a situation in the state. They have aggregated all neighboring countries for fight against Boko Haram. To the end of December, 2015 the most part of group was broken by common efforts. Now the government is engaged in normalization of life of people living in these areas.

Buhari speech

In addition, the state is engaged in identification and punishment of officials involved in corruption. Also, it plans to settle an economic situation in the country, to grow sugar, wheat and rice. Thereby they will reduce import expenses.

The decision has been made to leave Naira steady in consequence of the fact that devaluation has done serious harm to Nigerian economy. He has warned that measures, which they are going to accept, can result in some difficulties, however in case of success the guaranteed growth of economy will be provided.

For the last year, the following objects have been set: bureaucracy fight, independent judicial authority and political parties.

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