What are the Rivers State election results?

Wonder what is going on in Rivers state with elections? Learn the news now.

Recently INEC has let out results of elections in nine states and one federal selective district. In some of them, elections were held repeatedly.

rivers state elections

PDP has won eight constituencies and one federal constituency – Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi (director of INEC) reports. APC has won one state constituency. He recognized that results in other districts haven't been let out because of cruelty, which occurred in it during elections.

Nevertheless, the announcement of results hasn't settled this situation. Revolt in the cities became the reason of one employee's death in security service.

apc vs pdp

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Also information about firing was obtained from other area. According to the last news, there was a revolt in Abonema. It took place near the capital.

N. Wike, the governor, and C. Amaechi, responsible for transport, have met at negotiations in the police office. As it is supposed, kidnapping of the woman, Ekwi Adebisa, who was a collation officer, became the reason of their meeting. By hearsay, she has been kidnapped by the previous governor and his soldiers.

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